Out Of The ‘Dog’ House by Alicia Colon , NY SUN

Out Of the ‘Dog’ House

December 21, 2007

When the chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, Roy Innis, invited me to join him at a luncheon with Dog the Bounty Hunter, I was slightly puzzled. After all, Mr. Innis was one of the first to call for the TV network A&E to take Duane “Dog” Chapman’s show off the air after it was reported that he said the “n” word in a private call to his son. Had he changed his mind?

Since I had never watched the show, I knew Mr. Chapman only from the brouhaha that erupted after the National Enquirer disclosed in late October that his son Tucker had taped him calling Tucker’s girlfriend the “n” word several times. Mr. Chapman’s show was canceled, and he has since made several television appearances apologizing for his words and seeking to restore his relationship with the black community.

Because I have such great respect for Mr. Innis and CORE, I was more eager to hear his opinion on Dog’s fall from grace than I was to meet the man who once starred in A&E’s most popular show. When I arrived at CORE’s Broadway office, the entire staff was posing for photographs with Dog and his wife, Beth Chapman. None of the predominantly African-American staff members appeared reluctant to pose with the alleged racist, and that’s because Mr. Chapman isn’t one.

“Like many that heard the comments made by Duane ‘the Dog’ Chapman without the proper context, I was offended and outraged,” Mr. Innis said. “After meeting with him and his wife, Beth, and hearing his side of the story, we realized that the controversy had unjustly spiraled out of control without context.”

Later on at lunch in the Village, I heard the full details of that infamous call and asked Mr. Chapman why he didn’t say more about the extenuating circumstances when he was on the “Larry King Live” show. He explained that he wanted to take responsibility for uttering those hateful words and that he didn’t want to do anything that would hurt Tucker’s girlfriend.

Like Mr. Innis, I too realize that Mr. Chapman is not a racist. Racists do not belong to churches where the pastor is a black man, nor do they have them as friends. Getting offended by the “n” word actually depends on who is saying it. President Clinton’s brother Roger was caught on police video saying that word repeatedly, yet blacks consider Bill Clinton the first black president. It seems to me that instead of crying foul over the word, we should point out that the person using it is an idiot and leave it at that.

Unlike many so-called rights groups that create discord out of racial incidents, CORE remains an organization that seeks and creates harmony between the races. That’s also probably why CORE’s remarkable accomplishments receive little coverage from the mainstream press.

I asked Mr. Chapman if he had seen “Mississippi Burning,” and he nodded. Then I asked him if he knew that those murdered civil rights workers were from CORE. He was stunned. He had no idea about the history of this great civil rights organization.

I then told him about what CORE has done for the black community here in New York, holding health fairs and offering high-tech cardiac CT scans in conjunction with Cabrini Hospital, to name just two.

I’ve reported the strides CORE has made in helping African farmers use biotechnology to improve agriculture and to fight hunger on that continent, undoing the damage done to millions of Africans who are dying from malaria because of the ban on DDT. Mr. Chapman was fascinated by what he heard, and he seemed determined to share this information.

“Duane has taken ownership of the damage of his words and has taken on the responsibility of being a racial healer for our country,” Mr. Innis said. “I have been with this man several times and had extensive dialogues with him. Niger and I consider him and his wife good friends. Duane is a changed man and has a higher purpose. Popular television is a wasteland of meaningless titillation and degradation. The Dog’s potential to take his celebrity and turn it into something redeeming for our culture and society is immense. It is for these reasons that we want his television show back on the air.”

Incidentally, CORE (www.core-online.org.) will hold its Martin Luther King celebration on January 21 at the Sheraton Hotel. A guest of honor will be Senator McCain; Duane “Dog” Chapman will be another special guest. This one may be a sellout.


Dog Talks About Life After Scandal

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Star Talks About Life After Racial Slur Scandal

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

dog the bounty hunterThe aftereffects of his racial slur controversy may have brought dire consequences for Dog Chapman‘s television career, but it has certainly left a lot of room for growth and improvement for the bail bondsman.  Following the scandal, he is slowly trying to get his life back on track, and with the help of conservative civil rights leaders, is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the public.

Just last Friday, Chapman returned on FOX News Hannity & Colmes to talk about his life, a month after he first appeared on the program and tearfully apologized for using the racial slur.

“Miracles do happen.  I just met some brand new friends and learn a lot of things and I just had one of the greatest times of my life today…and I’m trying to keep these answers very quick so I don’t cry,” Chapman said during the interview.

In addition to his solid fans who continue with their campaign to bring back Dog the Bounty Hunter on the air, Chapman has also found support from his new found friends, Roy Innis, National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, his son Niger Innis, National Spokesman, and the rest of the members of the group, who are ready to reach out to advertisers and put in great efforts to bring the reality show back on air.

According to the civil rights leaders, Chapman, who spiraled out of control, is “genuinely sorry and has a greater mission for our country.”

Chapman was faced with one of the hardest predicaments of his life after a taped conversation wherein he can be heard repeatedly using the N-word was leaked.  Critics and conservative civil rights groups immediately called for A&E to cancel Chapman’s reality series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, along with several major advertisers that eventually withdrew their support from the show.  Although this severely affected his career, it largely put a strain in his relationship with his son Tucker, who reportedly exposed and sold the tape to the National Enquirer.

When asked about his relationship with his son, Chapman said, “I’ll always be his father and he’ll always be my son…so the door is always open.”

“Where I stand personally is that I’m a better person since the last time I saw you and I am growing and learning to grow,” the Dog the Bounty Hunter star added.”



Dog The Bounty Hunter Buys $26000 Worth Of Toys For Children’s Charitys


 Dog turned from bounty hunter to Santa Claus when he picked up $26,000 dollars worth of toys for children’s charities. Dog the Bounty Hunter, real-name Duane Chapman, went to ‘Toys ‘R’ Us’ in L.A. with wife Beth to buy Christmas presents for the BOND Home for Boys and the Jim Gillian Youth Center charities.
The reality TV star arrived at the toy store in a stretched limo, with an entourage of under-privileged children.
Dog, 54, then went around the store’s aisles with Beth filling up a number of trolley’s with toys for the kids, including footballs, remote-control cars and action figures.
An onlooker inside the store revealed that Dog was playing American Football with the children and was very generous with his money.
He said: “Dog was playing ball with the kids inside the store. He was throwing an American football around for them to catch. He had lots of trolley’s full of toys and was enjoying buying Christmas presents.”
The bystander also revealed how Dog was careful with what he bought for the children. “Dog was buying pretty much everything but he drew the line when one of the kids asked for a toy gun. He told the boy straight that they weren’t allowed any weapons.”
After the Dog’s massive shop, a lorry was on order to pick up the $26,000 worth of toys to transport them to the child centers.
Chapman then met fans outside the store and posed for a number of pictures before heading off back home after his good deed.
Bounty Hunter Duane hit the front pages over a month ago, after he reportedly used a racial slur during a recorded conversation with his son, Tucker Chapman, in which he urged him to break up with a black girlfriend.
US magazine The National Enquirer taped the conversation and released it to the public after reportedly paying Tucker $15,000 for it.
The Honolulu-based bounty hunter first grabbed headlines when he captured
serial rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003.
His hit TV series followed him and his tattooed band of merry men as they tracked down bail jumpers. The show starred members of Chapman’s family, but Tucker Chapman was not regularly featured.
Dog’s show was taken off air indefinitely by the A&E network after the controversy.

BLACK NONPROFIT HOSTS ‘DOG’ CHAPMAN EVENT: Org. says bounty hunter wants to make amends and deserves second chance.

*Unlike “Seinfeld” star Michael Richards, who went into hiding following a talk show apology tour addressing his racist statements, Duane “Dog “Chapman seems to be doing just the opposite.

      Less than two months after his N-word-laced phone conversation was leaked in the National Enquirer, he was photographed with the Four Tops on Tuesday while backstage at their concert in Honolulu; and on Saturday (Dec. 15) he’ll sign copies of his book at an event hosted by the African American group, Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND).

      The book-signing for Chapman’s “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide,” to be held at BOND’s Los Angeles headquarters (6146 West Pico Blvd.), will double as a Christmas toy giveaway – with proceeds benefiting the BOND Home for Boys.

       BOND founder and President Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says he began working with Dog after his A&E show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” was suspended in the wake of his leaked phone conversation.      

       “We don’t condone racial slurs, but upon hearing Dog’s apology and after meeting with him and his family, we don’t believe he’s a racist,” Peterson said in a statement. “We also believe that Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman sincerely wants to make amends to the black community, and deserves a second chance

Dog The Bounty Hunter Update Friday Dec 14, 2007

dog-with-innises-in-nyc.jpgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Friday, December 14, 2007
Honolulu – Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman will be on Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes today, December 14, 2007, 9 p.m. (EST), 4 p.m. (Hawaii Time).  Chapman has been traveling for meetings and appearances in New York and Los Angeles, meeting with Roy Innis, Chairman, son Niger Innis, National Spokesperson, and other members of the Congress of Racial Equality (also known as CORE) in New York City, and with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of BOND in Los Angeles.During the trip, he has also met Sylvester Stallone, Patty Labelle, and LA designer Christian Audigier.

Here is a recent news clip from eurweb.com:

Dog’s all-new website is now live at http://www.DogTheBountyHunter.com!  Visit Dog’s new site to get all the latest updates and exclusives about Dog and the Posse, and to check out the team’s personal website page.Chapman will return to New York for the Martin Luther King Parde on the 21st, by invitation from CORE, and then head back to spend Christmas with his family

Picture Credit: Lucy Pemoni

Black Group To Host Toy Giveaway For Charity With Dog The Bounty Hunter


All Details at above address

Press Release

From the BOND press release a few minutes ago:

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles based nonprofit organization BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, will host a Book Signing for Duane “Dog” Chapman’s book “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”, as well as a Christmas toy giveaway for kids on Saturday, December 15, at 11:30a.m.PST.

Who: BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny.

What: Book Signing and Christmas toy giveaway (proceeds go towards the “BOND Home For Boys”)

When: Saturday, December 15, at 11:30 a.m. PST.

Where: BOND Headquarters, 6146 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90035 (S.E. Corner of Pico and La Cienega