Dog and Beth Shopping In Beverly Hills

Dog Unleashed in Beverly Hills

Dog can rest easy now that he knows his show is going back on the air. Yesterday, Chapman and his petite wife, Beth, were out shopping in Beverly Hills — where fans congratulated him on returning to television.
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One thought on “Dog and Beth Shopping In Beverly Hills

  1. I just think it is very sad that Dog and Beth and the family have another thing to deal with. But that’s the way life is when we have family members that are drug addicted or alchoholics.

    I know how Dog feels when he supposedly made a statement about Tucker and takin care of him in prison. I think he feels that if he is in a controlled enviroment that he will be safe. To a certain extent he might be right,but we all know that there is alot of dope behind those walls too!

    I myself had a 41year old brother that had alot of problems with drugs. He was in and out of prison since he was 17 years old. It did’nt help,he died at only 41.

    I think that if we looked at the drug addicted a different way instead of the way we as a society looks at them they might have a fighting chance.
    There should be the best help for everyone that is drug addicted,not just for the rich and famous.

    And if we looked at the mental health issues that all of the people that are drug addited have then maybe they could get the individual help that they need.

    Lets face everyone that has drug and alcohol issues has mental health issues they’re just self medicating themself’s.

    We as a society need to look at mental health as just aa we look at the money we spend on Aides,Cancer,Heart problems.

    If we could just remove the stigma of people with drug and mental health issues and droped some bucks for more research for these issues it could and would help.
    Take care of the MIND and the body follows.

    My HEART goes out to the Chapman’s in this time of worry. I first hand know how it feels to worry about someone so young go down a dark and sinister path of drug addiction. I lost my only brother 5 years ago to drugs,he was found in a motel dead for four days. And my family has to live with that for the rest of our lives! The pain never goes away!

    Hopefully Tucker will finally get the help he needs! I will say a prayer for him and for his family. And for all of the familys that have members or friends that have this horrible affliction.

    Remember take care of the mind and the body follows!

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