Dog, Beth and Crew in L.A.

Beth and Dog Out With Their Pups

Fugitives can rest easy — for the moment! Dog and Beth Chapman arrived at LAX yesterday, with a whole litter of their kids, fresh off some bounty huntin’. Dog’s voice was gone from barking at criminals, so Beth had to take charge and do all the talking.
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Like most wives.

Dog Donates to Mooseheart

‘Dog’ donates to Mooseheart

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BATAVIA – Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman has presented Mooseheart with a $30,000 check.

Chapman spoke at Mooseheart last week as part of two benefit concerts. The money was raised through online donations by his fans and through an eBay auction to spend a day on the TV set with Chapman on A&E’s top-rated cable show “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

That auction raised $10,100.

Mooseheart Child City & School is a 1,000-acre community and school for children and teens in need of a secure home.

Founded in 1913, Mooseheart is supported through private donations.

– Eric Schelkopf

Dog Starts Tails Wagging

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Dog starts tails wagging

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MOOSEHEART – Mooseheart sophomore Robin Young already was in a good mood Friday because it was her 16th birthday.

Her day got even better when Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman stopped by Mooseheart and got a crowd of students to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Young is a big fan of his reality TV series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

“My grandmother and I have all the seasons on DVD,” she said.

Chapman is at Mooseheart Child City and School this weekend as part of two benefit concerts for Mooseheart. A&E will tape the weekend concerts, and the footage will be shown on a future episode of “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

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On Friday, Chapman with his wife, Beth, and their children, Leland and Lyssa, met one-on-one with Mooseheart students.

“It’s a good break from capturing criminals,” Chapman said. “It’s good for the children and good for me.”

Chapman even promised to help boost the budding music career of Mooseheart senior Chris Morones.

“I jokingly told him I was a rock star,” Morones said. “We have a band a few of us are in. I plan to give him a sample CD. He said he’ll see what he could do with our CD.”

Mooseheart freshman Princess Kollie was giddy after receiving Chapman’s autograph.

“I always watch the show,” Kollie said. “I think he looked better in person. I met him and his wife. She is very, very sweet.”

However, Kollie was disappointed she didn’t have a camera with her.

“I wish I would have had brought a camera to take a picture of them all,” she said.

Mooseheart Child City & School is a 1,000-acre community and school for children and teens in need of a secure home. Mooseheart is supported completely through private donations.

This was the couple’s first visit to Mooseheart. Beth Chapman was impressed by what she saw.

“There should be more of these facilities in the country,” she said. “I was a welfare mom. I didn’t know if I would make enough money to provide for my children.”

April 2008 Dog Interview

Just Asking – A conversation with reality TV star Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the star power of Duane “Dog” Chapman.

His A&E reality series “Dog The Bounty Hunter” has turned him into a star, much to his surprise.

But it has not been easy getting to this point. Last year, his son Tucker sold a tape to the National Enquirer of Chapman using racist language in a phone call. Chapman quickly apologized for his comments, calling them inappropriate but also claiming they were taken out of context. A&E suspended the reality show last November, but announced in February that new episodes will air on the cable channel soon.

Today and Saturday at Mooseheart’s Child City and Home, Chapman will speak about his triumphs and challenges and how his faith has pulled him through. Also appearing will be his wife Beth and children Leland and Lyssa.

Music acts Echoing Angels, Inhabited, Will Duvall, Emery and Flatfoot 56 also will perform. A portion of the proceeds will go to Mooseheart.

In a recent interview, Chapman spoke about his bounty hunter exploits and what fans should expect from his show’s new season.

– Eric Schelkopf

Why did you want to come to Mooseheart?

The kids of course at Mooseheart do not have any parents. So they don’t have someone like I had to go to, like my mother. Now that I am an orphan, because my mommy and daddy are dead, it hurts very much, like when you do something really good and you want to tell Mom and Dad. I cannot imagine how it would have been without my mother. I would never be the guy I am, I would never love like I do. I just want to see the kids and give them words of encouragement.

I suppose there will be a few kids in the audience thinking that it would be cool to be a bounty hunter. What advice would you give them?

It’s a good living. In my life, it’s been terrific. It’s a good job to pick. I would         encourage it.

So how did you decide to become a bounty hunter?

Dog Chapman was made to be a bounty hunter. From my toes to the top of my hair, everything about me, my breathing, my eating, everything about me pumps and beats that blood of a bounty hunter. God has called me to be a bounty hunter. I’m in it to free a lot of people. I’m going to free them from drugs, I’m going to free them from captivity, I’m going to free them from desperation. I’m going to free them from death.

Have some of the people you’ve captured thanked you for what you’ve done for them?

Probably 47 percent of the people we’ve captured, which is well over 6,000, have changed their lives. It’s not because of Dog. It’s that when you meet Dog, you are at the end of your plank. You are at the end of your rope. That’s it. It’s all over. I get their attention a lot more than a lot of other people have.

When is the new season going to begin? What should people expect in the new season?

I don’t know. That’s all A&E. We just work as the camera rolls. I know that it’s coming this year, though. I have quit cursing. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. There’s some personal challenges in that. It’s actually hard to do.

How is it like being able to work with your family on the show?

I’ve been a dad since I was 15 years old, so I think it’s fantastic. I know where they are all the time. I’m surrounded by people who love me. I had a large family so I could be around a large family. I’m living the life of Riley. I love it. It’s fantastic. I don’t have to say, “Beth, did you see that? Did you see how I got that guy?” Because she’s like, “You got him, big daddy. You did it.”

Did you ever think your show would have this kind of impact?

I wanted to show America that everybody isn’t damned for hell, that people can make mistakes, they can rebound, they can come back. And then the show blew up into what it is today. I didn’t know what this word celebrity meant. I had no idea that every word you said, every thought you thought, everything you did would be analyzed, re-analyzed and dissected. I am now learning that.

How is your relationship with your son Tucker these days?

Tucker is in jail right now. We’ve spoken a couple of times. Of course, forever in a day, I love him. That’s about all that we’ve had time to say, that we love each other.

– Eric Schelkopf

Dog Visits Mooseheart Kids

Reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman, a bounty hunter, poses Friday with Mooseheart juniors Marco Namowicz, left, and Blake Mason and senior Chris Morones. Chapman will speak tonight at a Christian rock concert at Mooseheart.
Mary Beth Nolan | Staff Photographer
Mooseheart gets special visit from Dog the Bounty Hunter
By Susan Sarkauskas | Daily Herald Staff

TV fame came to Mooseheart Friday afternoon, as reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter visited.

Dog — also known as Duane Chapman — spent more than hour shaking hands and answering questions, along with his wife, Beth; son, Leland; and daughter, Lyssa. All work with him in the business, seeking people who have skipped on their bail.

The Mooseheart kids were pretty impressed to see Chapman, with his distinctive long blond hair and MP3-equipped sunglasses.

But it was his work ethic that impressed one fan of his show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on A&E Television Network, which follows him as he tries to find people.

“Not only are they good at what they do, once they get a task they focus on it. They won’t give up on it until it is done … I kind of look up to that,” said 16-year-old Brandi Noel of Marseilles.

Chapman was to speak later Friday night and tonight at a Christian rock music concert at the residential school, which serves children from infancy through high school. Many come from homes where a parent is missing, or the parents are unable to care for their children for a variety of reasons. The school is supported by the Loyal Order of Moose fraternal organization.

The 50 or so kids he mingled with in the afternoon were those whose perfect record of not being called to the principal’s office this year merited attending a weekly recreation time.

As a bounty hunter, Chapman seeks people who have posted bond as a guarantee they will show up for their trials and then fail to appear. He is hired by the people who paid the bail and are at risk of losing it.

The appearance came about through the concert promoter, Mooseheart kids attended a concert last spring, and Rushtour officials visited the campus. Impressed, they arranged to have a concert at Mooseheart and got Chapman, a Christian, to give his motivational talk.

Once Chapman found out what Mooseheart does, he arranged to have his Web site,, collect donations from visitors to give to Mooseheart. They’ve collected more than $21,000 so far.

And he wanted to meet some of the children.

“It’s good for the kids and it’s good for me,” he said. “It’s a good break from chasing criminals, hugging them (the kids) and spreading the love.”

“You may not have the same mommy, but you are all in the same family,” he told a group of younger children.

Beth was popular, too, with children sidling up to her to ask her if she is a grandma or where she got her silver belt. She noticed one little girl who had chewed her nails: “Don’t chew on your nails and you can make them really long like (mine),” she said, displaying her pink manicure. All signed autographs.

A girl asked Chapman what the criminals he catches think about being on TV.

They’ll say “I watched you last night on the show,” he said. Chapman is known for telling them how they can stop being a criminal and turn their life around. That’s what he did after serving time in Texas prison for being an accessory to murder.

“I got my second chance. You’ve got your first chance,” he told one boy.

The Mooseheart visit was filmed by a crew for A&E.

Tickets to tonight’s concert

Cost: $12 to $72, plus extra fees for meet-and-greets with the Chapmans


Tickets are also available at the door

To donate:


To say thank you to our fans, the Chapmans will give each and every fan that donates $ 35.00 dollars or more to the Mooseheart Childern’s Home a free DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER T-SHIRT. When you fill out the donation form please make sure to add a working email. In a few weeks you will be sent a link to fill out all the information about the size of T-Shirt you will need and your mailing address. For those of you that have already donated $ 35 or more dollars, we will be adding you to the list to receive your free T-Shirt. Donations must be received by April 11th 2008 at 12:00AM EST. Help us help the Mooseheart Children!



We have received an overwhelming number of comments and emails from our fans wishing the best to the Mooseheart Children’s Home.  Regrettably many are not in the area and can not attend this great cause. The Chapman family has decided to set up a donations link.  All donations will go directly to the Mooseheart Children’s Home. If you would like to donate you can do so by clicking on the link below. A check will be presented to the Mooseheart Children’s Home on the night of the 12th. This check will be from the supportive fans of DOG the Bounty Hunter and his family. Please help us with the fantastic charity whether you are able to attend or not.  Any donation is appreciated on behalf of the Mooseheart Children’s Home.  

For more information and to donate, please to go