Your Chance to Meet Dog and The Posse and Meet Leland and BabyLyssa


The Dog – unscripted and live – speaking about his life, his trials, his faith and the ability for everyone to overcome obstacles.  Also joining the family – in a rare one-on-one appearance – is Leland Chapman. Tickets are limited for this VIP meet and greet!  The Huntress Beth and Baby Lyssa will be joining the Posse for autographs, book signings and more! Join the Chapman family and support a great cause at the same time! This event is to benefit the Mooseheart Child’s City.   

On Friday, April 11th at 7pm, Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter,  from A&E’s #1 reality TV show, will be the featured speaker among talented bands as Will DuVall and Inhabited.   Closing the evening will be the music of Echoing Angels.  This night will be attended by children of all ages from Mooseheart Child City.  Duane Chapman speaks both nights about how he triumphed over adversity and became a man whose life could serve as an example to others who are experiencing difficult times.  Beth, Leland, and Baby Lyssa will attend both evenings in support.On Saturday, April 12th at 6pm, Duane DOG Chapman returns and speaks again from his heart allowing concertgoers insight to the “real” Chapman.  Music from Will DuVall band and Inhabited will again open the evening. Following Chapman’s presentation, Flatfoot 56 and EMERY will “rock” the evening till close.

Mooseheart’s mission is to provide children and teens with a safe nurturing home, which includes spiritual development and a solid education through high school graduation.  The children come from socially and economically disadvantaged environments from all over the nation, and represent all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Some have lost both parents; others have one parent who can no longer care for them.  It is the hope of Mooseheart to provide a second chance for these children so that they can accomplish their life dreams regardless of the circumstances that altered their lives.  Whether the reason for their residency is the death of parents, disability of a breadwinner, or an unsafe living environment, Mooseheart seeks to provide the loving safe environment, which will structure the student’s life for success.  The home admits children as old as 14 or 15, but has in the past taken babies as young as five weeks old.  Mooseheart agrees to nurture a child until their high school graduation.  If the child graduates with grades of “B” or better, the student will qualify for five years of scholarship funding of tuition costs, as well as room-and-board at a state university. Mooseheart is totally funded through private donations of independent generous people and the financial support of Moose Lodges

For more information, go to or  I am unable to attend due to work, but have purchased two tickets because the money goes to such a great cause. Please help support the Mooseheart Childrens Village.  

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