Dog Starts Tails Wagging

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Dog starts tails wagging

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MOOSEHEART – Mooseheart sophomore Robin Young already was in a good mood Friday because it was her 16th birthday.

Her day got even better when Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman stopped by Mooseheart and got a crowd of students to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Young is a big fan of his reality TV series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

“My grandmother and I have all the seasons on DVD,” she said.

Chapman is at Mooseheart Child City and School this weekend as part of two benefit concerts for Mooseheart. A&E will tape the weekend concerts, and the footage will be shown on a future episode of “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

Click here for video.

On Friday, Chapman with his wife, Beth, and their children, Leland and Lyssa, met one-on-one with Mooseheart students.

“It’s a good break from capturing criminals,” Chapman said. “It’s good for the children and good for me.”

Chapman even promised to help boost the budding music career of Mooseheart senior Chris Morones.

“I jokingly told him I was a rock star,” Morones said. “We have a band a few of us are in. I plan to give him a sample CD. He said he’ll see what he could do with our CD.”

Mooseheart freshman Princess Kollie was giddy after receiving Chapman’s autograph.

“I always watch the show,” Kollie said. “I think he looked better in person. I met him and his wife. She is very, very sweet.”

However, Kollie was disappointed she didn’t have a camera with her.

“I wish I would have had brought a camera to take a picture of them all,” she said.

Mooseheart Child City & School is a 1,000-acre community and school for children and teens in need of a secure home. Mooseheart is supported completely through private donations.

This was the couple’s first visit to Mooseheart. Beth Chapman was impressed by what she saw.

“There should be more of these facilities in the country,” she said. “I was a welfare mom. I didn’t know if I would make enough money to provide for my children.”

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