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‘Dog’ the Bounty Hunter is Back
Written by Terry Hunter –
May 14, 2008 07:27 PM

Ever since Duane “Dog” Chapman used the “N” word to describe his son’s girlfriend last Fall, the bounty hunter has been rehabilitating his image. From apologizing profusely on national television to seeking the forgiveness and approval of black groups like the congress for racial equality, “Dog” has done his best to convince his employers that he’s ready for prime time once again.

“I have been helped, and I have met some of the greatest people in my life. It’s bad to say this experience has brought me and made me closer to people, but it absolutely has,” said Dog.

“He owned up to making a mistake. He’s human. We all make mistakes, and he has taken steps to learn and to educate himself and to make things right and we felt that he has, and just like Dog we believe in second chances,” said Dan Silberman.

The chairperson of the congress for racial equality says he sees the controversy over “Dog” as an opportunity to increase racial harmony.

“He has the ability and the opportunity with his show, his very popular show, to do a civic good, to take a tragic incident and turn it into a real civic and moral good for our country,” Niger Innis.

The bounty hunter himself is relieved to be back at work and grateful to the people who forgave him.

“Would I do it again? Oh my God, no, but thank God that God is there and that people have a forgiving heart. I mean it’s just…thank God for that,” said Dog.

And so the “find ’em and fix ’em” bounty hunting crew is taking its act back to the streets, followed by three or four cameras. It’s estimated that an audience of at least two million viewers will be ready and waiting when the first new episode airs on July 16th.

Go here for video

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