DOG’S Official Fan Club… A Closer Look

We have word that the Dog Official Website has a new Webmaster. This Blog has several followers in
the Fan Club and they are pleased that concerns are being addressed. We are hoping that the site finally turns the corner and solves its growing pains. This Blog will update next month on progress and the satisfaction of our friends on site. We are told from several sources that the site is well monitored and lacks the nastiness of A&E Forums.
Beth seems to visit on a semi-regular basis to chat with fans in the Chat Room. The rest of the crew has been rarely seen according to members. The other major complaint posted was the lack of items and quality of the Fan Club Kit. These complaints seem to have been addressed by management. Let us see if they follow through with their promises.

This Blog will keep on top of the story.

Douglas Muire
July, 2008

One thought on “DOG’S Official Fan Club… A Closer Look

  1. I am very curious if Dog ever worked delivering meat to a drug rehab hospital in Lakewood CA in ?? possibly the early mid 80’s or so? I used to work there and I had a man who was a bounty hunter, who used to ride his motorcycle doing this work. He was very kind to me and helped me out, by talking to someone who worked for me and was stealing from me. I have been very curious since I’ve seen the shows if he was my guardian angle at that time. If so I just want to once again say thank you Dog. You really did make my job easier. God Bless you

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