Dog nabs a few for a sick friend

Dog’ nabs a few for sick friend

Monday, September 22, 2008

Marco Padilla

Marco Padilla

Marco Padilla, the lone holdout in a sweep by Dog the Bounty Hunter, remains at large.

Duane “Dog” Chapman came to Colorado two weeks ago to help out a sick friend who is a bail bondsman.

The friend was at risk of losing his business because seven of his clients had jumped bail, leaving him on the hook for $250,000 with Colorado courts.

Chapman rounded up several of them, and now Padilla remains the only one of the seven still free.

Padilla is wanted on charges of possession of an illegal drug.

But Padilla also is considered a key figure in a group of people from Mesa County suspected of running a ring that dealt drugs, wrote illegal checks and produced fake IDs.

Most of the rest were rounded up in the Denver and Aurora area.

Chapman, his wife, Beth, and their kids have their own reality show on A&E, which attracts 3 million viewers a week.

2 thoughts on “Dog nabs a few for a sick friend

  1. Marco is Studiedly Why would u run from the Dog and crew

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