Baby Lyssa’s Myspace Page Abandoned ??????????????


I am wondering what happened to Baby Lyssa’s Myspace page.  No new comments have been posted in nearly a month. Any one know whats going on with that ????????   Please leave a comment if you have heard anything. If you have any doubts, check out Lyssa’s page at  Say what you want, but all the evidence is there in tacky gold.  It takes minutes to post comments and update a myspace site. Even the announcement of the Anniversary Party is not there yet.  There was a login Sept 23, whoopeeeee. No response to fan message, no news updates.  We declare it abandoned  (for now).  It is updated now as infrequently as their official site pages.

Douglas Muire


5 thoughts on “Baby Lyssa’s Myspace Page Abandoned ??????????????

  1. As far as I know, she’s exceptionally busy. They all are (have they even caught Padilla yet?!) I know she took some time off from MySpace in August. She is logging in, though (last login was September 23) so it hasn’t been abandoned. She probably just doesn’t have anything new to report or post about (or doesn’t have time to do it). I wouldn’t worry about it too much. She hasn’t gone anywhere. If she was going to quit her MySpace, she would tell us (just like she did when she took the break in the summer).


  2. Until recently, it has been kept up on a regular basis. In early August, it was updated to the tacky gold color page. Since the end of August, I have had no reports of anyone getting feedback from her. The last comment was September 1. This page is becoming like other celeb pages, stale and not updated. It seems vacant, with no updates. A shadow of it’s former self. If anyone can spread more light on this, please leave a comment.

  3. No new messages. Up to 34 days and the count continues. This blog was updated daily. It clearly now is not used. It went from a decent page to a tacky gold glowing mess that is clearly not being updated at all.

    We are disappointed that even Lindsay Lohan can update her blog. Tom Hanks does his own blog like many stars. Some employ staff to do it, but we do not believe that is the case with Baby Lyssa.

    Any information people ? Please let us know. It used to be a good source of information.

    Douglas M

  4. Again, the page is not being updated. The last comment posted by a fan was way back on Sept 1rst. This page has become useless and the connection to her fans broken. It is quite disappointing, but not surprising to us here as it follows a behavior trend


  5. I think it’s sad that Baby Lyssa has allowed her Myspace page to go downhill like it has. It was great for the fans to have that connection and to receive the occasional bulletin. After almost two months of basically no activity, I don’t think it’s a matter of being busy. It’s more like a lack of interest at this point.

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