Total Idiot Site Alert Re False DTBH Rumor

We had reports a rumor that emanated from one of the scummy Proboard Private Sites that Beth had fired Duane Lee and Leland from the show this past week. This is 1000% false.  There are a few decent private sites, but most are full of falsehoods, people who claim to have “sources” and in reality have none. Some of these sites take one member of the Posse and do their best to trash this person with such garbage and nonsense.  Any real fan would realize that this comes from people with no lives and jealous of what success others have had.

Pay no attention to rumors from these crappy sites.  They are often full of malcontents and drama queens banned from legitimate fan sites.  Please disregard any nonsense from these type of sites.  These were the same idiots that said Dog and Beth were getting divorced in July LMAO..  SO ****** Lame.

One thought on “Total Idiot Site Alert Re False DTBH Rumor

  1. and i read in one proboard that Leland, tim and DL were opening a separate office because of they all had a falling out with Beth, and refuse to work in the same office as Beth, so thus, opening a new office, according to one girl posting on one proboard.

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