A&E Programs. The lack of Quality Reality Shows

At the present time, DTBH is the only show I bother with on A&E. A&E had decent shows like King Of Cars, John Force, Airline, and Swat.  Now we have Parking Wars,,,,,,UGH.   A&E has been showing repeats of the Force racing show and it is so much more interesting than anything but Dog. They have the car theft show now, but its nothing more than a boring version of cops that is so repetitive.

In our opinion, except for bringing DTBH back, which they should have never taken off,  A&E has gone steeply downhill in the quality of its programming and particularly, its reality shows.  Why do we have to put up with that tacky Criss Angel, with the camera tricks, taped segments, like the so called fraud like escape from the building. Bit by bit, Criss has morphed into looking like a dirty homeless man.  This author watched the show a couple of times in the first season and realized it was all angles and set up crowds in our humble opinion.  Typical tackiness from Vegas

Bring back Force, bring back the inside look at car sales with the King.  Bring back Swat which was so much better than the car theft show that now pollutes Thursday nights.  In fact, just after A&E canceled the Force show, John had a serious injury and has gone through tough times. All of this would have been compelling TV. Instead, we get Parking Wars and unending repeats of CSI.  UGHHHHHHHHHH. One of their main shows is all repeats. Great planning

All in all,  A&E has  made some terrible choices in programming. I see no evidence of that altering in the new future. Thank God we still have DTBH.

Douglas Muire

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