Dog The Bounty Hunter Official Fan Club Site Review

We have been perusing Dog’s new Official Site at for a few months now.  We must be clear that we are not Members so we can only review what is available to the public and rely on Fan Club Member input.

For this review, we will do a top 5 list of what is positive and what is negative

We will start off with the positive.

1)  The website is quite attractive in appearance. The flowing lava, the whole look is very up to date. It is built  like a Myspace type model where each member has their own site.  A good idea

2)  Chat Room and Message Board for Members.  Another good idea for members to be able to interact is the chat room.  More sites should have this feature.  A message board is strictly like a bulletin board where members leave messages.  The crew does enter the chat room to converse directly to members. Beth herself is the most frequent visitor we hear.  We cannot fairly review this area as we are not members at the present time.

3)  The website access is included with a Fan Club Membership. For the top two levels, you also receive a Dog Tshirt and now an autograph of every crew member.  A decent value for a years entertainment

4)  Truth.  Instead of relying on private sites that carry lies and rumors, you get the news from the source, what is really going on.  Its pleasant to have a site where the scavengers cannot freely lie and libel the family with blatant lies.

5)  They have paid full time staff to take care of the site.  Having paid staff greatly enhances a website. It helps stops drama swiftly as members who cannot abide by site rules are removed.  In fact Dog’s son Wes is the webmaster of the site.  Having direct contact with the family makes membership well worthwhile. You do not get it anywhere else and its a bonus a Chapman is employed on the website

Top 5 Negative

1)  Lack of time in the chat room with the Chapmans. While all members of the family have visited we hear, Beth is the only regular visitor.  The boys rarely enter chat we are told.

2) Crew Member Pages which we have monitored are very rarely updated.  The crew does not post messages often on their pages. We have read members asking for crew comments on their personal sites, but it again is very rare.(much like Baby Lyssa’s Myspace Fan page since August)

3)  Membership Package for $70 is questionable.  This costly package includes only a Tshirt and a crew autographed photo which is decent.  We are told that the new packages will be improved. We have also heard that the black Tshirts that are official are so thin, they are see through.  We have not seen one in person, but members seem to agree on these statements.

4) Here is what the club offers with our comments beside it.

  • Access to exclusive content including videos, audio and photos…….Very few Videos. All can see them
  • Members-only access to Dog’s Blog..  Members say Dog has never posted a blog
  • Private message boards, blogs and chats…  Accurate. Caviat.  Blogs are not private
  • Personalized web e-mail address  None-existant
  • 10% discount at Dog’s Clique Online Store.. Active for a small selection of items ( not the main Dog store)
  • Exclusive access to pre-sale tickets*…..  Unused.
  • Meet & Greet opportunities**…… Only one so far and anyone could go we are told (Mooseheart)
  • And Much, much more!  What ?  We have no evidence of any other features.

Not an overwhelming fulfillment of what is promised.  Hopefully management there will fufil their promises.

5) We have had complaints of slow member package deliveries. However this seems to be abating somewhat according to our reader emails.

Summation and Disclaimer

We are not members of the Official Fan Club Site so our review is limited to public views and member feedback to us.

We would recommend joining the fan club as it does offer a pleasant moderated atmosphere for fans.  bu must add that we could only give the club a 6.5 out of 10. For $30,  you can get a Tshirt and a years membership. This is a good deal.  The same price as a night at the movies for a years access.

This rather middle of the road rating is due to 2 factors,  very limited Chapman involvement, also a distinct lack of features promised, but not delivered.  We personally will hold off joining till the site gets its act together.

If you are a fan club member. Feel free to submit your opinion on our review.


This blog was contacted by 8 members of the Official Fan Club who through various time zones, waited up for a visit in the Official Chat Room that never came.  We hear there was no visit announced. However, many were let down and waited for hours.  It seems the least they could do is pop by and say thanks when the fans are the only reason they are still on TV.

It seems except for Beth, the entire clan has been unable to recall the location of the chat room or even their own pages on the site. We were told the crew rarely if ever visits.  The members were told their would be announced chats. This has not occurred. We emailed the website company, a few staff members, and none would comment on our story.  We must make clear that we are not members and are relying on testimonials from members.  Nevertheless, one would think on a special day, they would take the effort.

Douglas Muire


Update  Oct 26th, 2008.

We thank 7 more Official Fan Club Members for their input. They asked that their comments not be published due to Fan Club Rules and we will abide by their wishes.  We also have received a few hostile emails attacking the writers on this site. We debated publishing their comments, but do to minimum intelligence levels, poor spelling, and attack dog mentality, we choose not to publish their comments. We have seen Dog fans who wear blinders curse out alternate reviewers.  Intelligent factual comments will always be posted.  Fans who wear blinders and choose fantasy over reality, as a few we got today, should move on. For Example, one email we received last night, was titled Seting it strait!,,  Says a lot , does it not 🙂

We stand by our review regarding chat and the lack of participation by most of the Dog Posse anywhere on the official site.  Our Tshirt review is up for debate.  The vote now from members is 50-50. Please feel free to contact our site with any intelligent points.



26 thoughts on “Dog The Bounty Hunter Official Fan Club Site Review

  1. You cannot see most blogs becuase you are not logged in and have to be to see some also i feel that the tshirts are not thin i find them rather good quality

  2. We will double check. However another member told us they can see any blog and checked this fact, whether they were logged in or out. All evidence points this to be true.

  3. Hope you’re trip is going well, Just a quick comment on the t-shirts, I Love Mine….Seems to be decent quality and not to thin for me, another good review in my opinion.

  4. Thank You bamareb. Your input is welcome as always Thank you for the Tshirt update.



  5. Very accurate review. I do like the design of the site and the presence of very involved staff. Member problems I have seen were handled promptly and in a fair manner. It would be better if there was more Chapman involvement in the site. It is part of the package advertised after all, and a big perk for fan club members.

  6. The reason the Chapman’s AREN’T in the chat room is because they work 24/7 they don’t have a regular 9-5 job. And yes they have all been in the chat room, some more than others. They each have their own obligations. They do realize that if it wasn’t for their fans they wouldn’t be where they are today, but they can’t just drop everything they are doing all the time and come in the chat room. What are they gonna do say “hold on fugitive, wait right there till I get back I need to go talk to my fans in the chat room?” no. They come in WHEN THEY CAN. The fans understand that. As far as the shirts go they ARE NOT see thru. I don’t know WHERE you got that from. I wish EVERYBODY would just BACK off them GEEZ!! They are AMAZING people. They put their lives on the line EVERYDAY. To keep us ALL safe!!

  7. I agree with Bama in regards to the T-shirts. I double checked and my shirt does not appear to be see through. Also the fan member shirt is no thinner than one of my Fruit of the Loom shirts. The only difference I noticed between those two shirts was the brand name and design. I like my shirt no complaints here.

  8. I also want to point out that each member can choose their privacy setting in regards to their own blogs. There are a variety of privacy options available. Even though fans do not have an email address yet there is an option to send a private message (very similiar to email).

  9. I would like to add one more comment tonight, Dog does have his own blogs posted. Thank you for allowing us to provide more accurate statements. Have a great night everyone.

  10. Re Renee 76

    1) We checked with 8 members on our contact list. 8 members have told us you are mistaken including one who provided a screen shot showing Dog’s Blog with no postings whatsoever.

    2) Email and Private Messaging are not close to being the same. Private Messaging is inter-site only, very limited, while email is world wide. This feature has never been delivered. Smells like false advertising. The two should not be compared in the same sentence

    3) A member is mailing us a spare shirt they received. We will update the story then. We have had more complaints now about the Leland shirt.

    Thank you for your comments. We enjoy hearing from users.

    D. Muire

    (off to Hy’s Steakhouse for dinner)


  11. Note To Renee

    We reviewed a new capture. There are two blogs. The latest one is obviously a press release. The first one sounds like The Dog. That is an average of one a year. We stand by our review


  12. Thank you for looking into that. I didn’t purchase a Leland shirt so I don’t know anything about that shirt. The reason why I said Dog has blogs is because it said never posted a blog and there are two Dog blogs.

    Thank you for following up.

  13. Reply to Pilikane

    I don’t even know how to begin to respond to this drivel. To be honest, our staff are not sure this is a serious comment. Could any fan or adult be this naive ? or

    brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, dim, doltish, dopey*, dull, dumb, dummy*, foolish, futile, gullible, half-baked*, half-witted*, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, inane, indiscreet, insensate, irrelevant, laughable, loser*, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, out to lunch, pointless, puerile, rash, senseless, shortsighted, simple, simpleminded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupefied, thick, thick-headed, trivial, unintelligent, unthinking, witless

    We love the show, thus the reason this blog exists. However The Dog and Crew sure attract some odd ones.



  14. Update

    If any fan club members wish to comment and are hesitant, we will fully protect your identity and you are free to use a false name. Our settings are very simple , you do not have to register to make a comment.

    Thank you for the wonderful feedback.


  15. You have to realize that the family is very, very busy, and can’t always find the time to come in. We are very fortunate when they do come in, and we don’t complain if they can’t make it. There are many things falsely stated in your blog, but i know what the deal is, so i’ll just continue to let you think you’ve got it all figured out

  16. Response to Chicklet

    We published your response as a prime example of the Fan Base who believes everything told to them while castigating anyone who does not believe the PR BS. Your letter is very condescending as many are who refuse to face facts. We regret you cannot see how foolish and gullible you truly are. If every member was as blinded as you, the Official Site would never reach the full potential.

    Facts we have confirmed through many many members.

    The Chapmans have taken long holidays. Beth stated in an interview they took most of July off in Colorado as we have learned the family has done in previous years as shown on episodes. A break well earned. This dissolves the logic that the family works 24 -7 as stated by others.

    The crew does not participate on their own site with the prime exception of Beth. We have taken 3 days now to check page upon page looking for comments by the crew. There were four or five since January. We are told by all members we have interviewed, that the crew has not posted on the message board in the last six months.

    As negligent as Baby Lyssa has been about updating her Myspace Page in the last 60 days, she has taken less interest in her own page on the Official Site.

    Many members have told us there were to be plans for Official Chats. These have not happened. We thank them and praise their desire to improve the Official Site. We respect their privacy and thank so many for confirming our review.

    In summation. There are genuine reasons to spend money and join the Official Site and Fan Club. We would add a caveat that the Official Site still has a lot of room for improvement. We will join the site, but only when the promises are fulfilled.

    We have another question for the members who write us. Wes Chapman, webmaster, is on leave according to the Management Page on the Official Site. Please contact us if you can shine a light on Wes Chapman and his whereabouts

    Douglas Muire


  17. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have Dog the bounty hunter’s real email address! I’m not sure if that’s really them in the chat room but this is for sure them! The email address is If you email them make sure you type who the email is for, they all check the inbox so they need to know who should read the email. Thanks


    Molly, the address you provided is for an impostor.

  18. Dog,
    If you havent quit smoking by now, You should use the medicine, Chantix.
    And a word of advise, Make it work the first time. It will work real good !!
    I quit with the first prescribtion. But, started back, then I tried Chantix a couple more times and it doesnt work like the first time. It is a little harder each time. Good Luck
    Crystal VanTol

  19. I absolutely love the show and I am always tuned in to A&E when it comes on. It is my dream to meet the team and it would be an honnor. All of you guys are great at your job and help so many people and that is amazing! By the way, I think Leeland is very handsome!! 😉 But, that is not the on;y reason I wish to meet you guys. You all have inspired me to pursue my B.S. in Criminal Justice! I wish to become a BOunty Hunter one day and possibly be a part of your team, that would be a great honnor as well!! Keep up the great work and God Bless. I pray for you all everyday.

    Heather G.

  20. I absolutely love the show and I am always tuned in to A&E when it comes on. It is my dream to meet the team and it would be an honnor. All of you guys are great at your job and help so many people and that is amazing! By the way, I think Leeland is very handsome!! But, that is not the only reason I wish to meet you guys. You all have inspired me to pursue my B.S. in Criminal Justice! I wish to become a Bounty Hunter one day and possibly be a part of your team, that would be a great honnor as well!! Keep up the great work and God Bless. I pray for you all everyday.

    Heather G.

  21. can you ask dog to come to nj we are doing commit on durg can you please ask him if he can help us

  22. Dear Mr dog chapman & Beth

    my name is penny and i am the mother of shaylee we live in Australia,, shaylee is one of your biggest fans she watches you show constantly… i have one wish and that is shay could meet you.. shaylee was born 12 years ago with a condition call NID nuro intestinal Displasia meaning her bowel does not work she has tubes in her stomach to help her and keep her alive… she is one of the bravest kids i know she makes me so proud when she has to have tubes replaced with no pain medicine cause it can not be done with it but it also breaks my heart looking in to her beautiful big eyes and know she is in pain but will not say cause she does not want to upset me… tissue time.. any way i know you are a busy man but even if you could find the time to send an email just to say hi to her will make her day…
    thank you penny

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