Live From The 100th Episode Party

Tonight, my son Evan and I will be in Hawaii, attending the 100th episode Party for Dog The Bounty Hunter.  I will live Blog live tonight if there is a decent internet connection.  We are on a layover and hop on the next plane in 35 minutes bound for Honolulu.  We will post pictures of the event and bring you all the details.  Sadly, we won’t get to meet the Chapmans as we left it too late for Press Passes, but we will be in the crowd enjoying ourselves. After that, we have a week’s vacaction, then fly home to reality. Come say hi, I have my Bears Hat and jersey on and my son has his Reggie Bush jersey.  We should be easy to spot.

We may have a blog meetup at the before the Bears game November 2, against Detroit at the stadium.

We may also the week after have a meet up at Ditka’s.  I will post the website for you that may want to attend who live in the Chicagoland area.

See you soon, our flight beckons


UPDATE  2:15pm Hawaii

Evan and I are in Honolulu, leaving for the venue in 15 minutes.  There are several people I have spoke to in the hotel lobby who will be heading over shortly to for a glimpse and a good seat. What a beautiful city this is, I am looking forward to the week’s vacation here. We will update our readers as soon as we can after the event. Tomorrow, we are swimming with the Dolphins.  I certainly comprehend why Dog and his family call this state home


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