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Duane Chapman sues publicist

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TV star Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has launched a new legal battle with his former publicist over claims she leaked personal information about him to a U.S. tabloid.

Chapman, star of the U.S. TV show Dog The Bounty Hunter, filed a lawsuit against Maureen Krutonog in the circuit court of Hawaii on Thursday, alleging she “damaged his career” by selling “private and confidential information” about him to the National Enquirer.

In court documents obtained by, Chapman also accuses Krutonog of “manufacturing lies” to sell to the tabloids in order to generate publicity for her client.

Chapman hit the headlines last November after his son Tucker Chapman went public with an audiotape on which his father was allegedly heard making racial slurs.

The star further claims Krutonog “was romantically involved with and had substantial influence” over her husband Boris Krutonog, his former agent.

Boris Krutonog, who worked as an executive producer on the TV series, sued the show’s network A&E earlier this year for failing to pay his salary and cutting him out of agreed DVD royalties.


Duane Chapman

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