Ramblings From The Mind Of Baby Lyssa Via Myspace


This blog was posted today by Baby Lyssa.  It seems obvious to us that Lyssa figured out how to use spell check or this was ghost written for her. There are complete sentences with valid points.  Good for her.  It is regrettable for official members she has no interest in her own official site. More thoughts on that from my assistant are upcoming.  The following is a nice safe story after the abomination she posted and pulled on election day.

Douglas Muire


Friday, November 07, 2008

Smoking Sucks
Current mood: determined

Ok, so a lot of you probably know that my dad is struggling to quit smoking. He came very close but, after he was arrested for the mexico ordeal, he kinda stopped trying to quit, he smokes like 2-3 packs a day!!!!!

What a lot of you may not know is that I smoked. I started smoking for all the wrong reasons, when I was only 13yrs old. I think a lot of people know I didn’t have what you would call a normal childhood, (whatever that means) and so smoking went along very well with the other extracurricular activities I was involved in.

Anyways, I quit smoking 5 Thursdays ago, and it is going very well. I used the gum and the patch together and after about 2-3 weeks it got a lot easier. I still grab a piece of gum sometimes, especially when I’m around Dad, and chew for a minute then spit it out……yucko.

Why I’m writing this is for three reasons, one is that I’m so proud of myself and I want everyone to know, now especially that I know I’m not going back, also to help encourage people to QUIT NOW but mostly for my dear father.

The reason I quit was I met a woman who was recovering from lung cancer(50 year smoker) and I had to spend sometime with her and I could not fathom smelling like, or needing a cigg. while I was with her.

I had just dropped Abbie at school and instead of lighting up my “kids are out of the car,,,,finally” Cigarette I drove myself to longs drug store and bought some nicotine gum. I ha a full pack of smokes and I did finish that pack having anywhere from 1-3 ciggs a day. When that pack was gone that was it. I couldn’t bring myself to buy another pack.

If my story helps anyone, I did my job. And let me just say I HATED those “quit now” commercials and people always saying “that’s gonna kill you” UGH that irritated the crap out of me. But sure enough everything I see someone smoking I think “uh-oh that guy may die from lung cancer” and ” Will I see him in the obituaries for lung-cancer in 10 or 5 or god-forbid even sooner”

The worst part is MY DAD STILL SMOKES. He is the only one left. Duane-lee and Leland both quit about 2 years ago, and Beth HATES ciggs almost as much as she loves the color pink. So he is the lone-smoker.

I’m asking for all stories I can print out and put in front of my dad and maybe one or more of them will make him quit. Pull out all the stops here people, I want the most heart wrenching stories that you can think of. I really think it will help convince him to quit

11 thoughts on “Ramblings From The Mind Of Baby Lyssa Via Myspace

  1. Douglas – what do you want? It’s commendable that Baby Lyssa has taken the criticism of her spelling to heart and changed for the better. It doesn’t matter if someone wrote this for her while this are her own thoughts!

    I’d agree with you concerning the blog about Obama, but I think with this blog she wants to distract us from that because she know she’d done wrong.


    P.S.: If MY English is bad I’m sorry, but I’m German and tried my best!

  2. Hi Douglas!

    Note, Edited For Rebuttal

    Your beef should be with the compnay of the official website who took your money, not with the bounty hunters themsleves – Lyssa didn’t promise to write blogs reguarly, engage in chat etc – the company that runs the fan club did.

    I mean no offfence at all! This is a great site and you should be proud of it!

  3. Reply To Amy

    The Bounty Hunters own the site. We checked out other sites run by the same company. My assistant called the company to complain about the lack of promises and was assured as proven, that they do not form policy for the site. This company (Sparkart) does not make Fan Club policy, but runs the sites with full input from the client.

    From the mailing, the company does the shipping and maintains the web site. The Client chooses what is on it and the features. Do not be foolish enough to think the company would advertise items that were not put forward by the client.

    The Chapmans need to accept responsibility for a Fan Club they are behind and that takes money from their fan’s pockets. What you are saying is false. We know from members that Beth has said chat is a place for the family to talk with the fans.

    Its logic like yours that gives celebrities a free pass. In business, consumers should receive what they pay for. Simply put, they are not. In comments to us that were not published due to privacy concerns, many members complain about the lack of crew participation that is advertised. Blaming the webhost is an error in judgement. Our point is still quite valid. Why join the fan club ? Myspace is free.

    Douglas Muire

    P.S We choose not to run your full letter to save you embarrassment. This is a team site. We are opening up another site shortly to discuss other TV Reality shows. The goal is to get by the PR People and learn and print what is happening in front and behind the cameras. We are not here to promote the show, but to discuss it. We watch the show as a team each week.

  4. Reply to Yvonne

    We commend Baby Lyssa for correct spelling. Our question is why is this not on the Official Site that Fans pay hard earned money for. It is not uncommon for Fan Sites to be run by hired hands. Major stars on Myspace do not run their site with the exception of select few.

    We agree with you Yvonne. This blog was clearly an attempt to replace the mess posted on election day. Your point was ours.

    Thank you for reading

    Douglas Muire

  5. Ya know, I was a paying member of their website for about 2 years. I was disappointed by a lot of things not being delivered or updated but I also realize that these people have lives of their own away from the tv show and keeping their fans happy. All I would ask is if you don’t plan on delivering what was advertised, quit advertising it. Yeah Beth comes into the chat once and a while and I love to hear from her but is it worth $70? Not by a long shot. I paid $45 to become a member of an official website for the star of a tv show in England. Not only did I get a fan package (which I didn’t expect being in another country) but I got it 10x faster and the autograph was actually signed and personalized without me having to send off a card telling the person what to say. I understand that Dog and crew are in Hawaii and their fan club is most likely not based there but if a MEGA star in England can sign an autograph and personalize it along with signing the welcome letter then what’s really going on? I paid $70 for Dogs fan club and I did feel as though I was ripped off. Does that mean I no longer support Dog and his family? Absolutely not, I love their family and will support them and defend them whenever they need it. Would I pay $70 to be a member of their official fan club again? Nope, sorry. I’ll just wait for Wednesday nights on AE. A lot of people feel the need to defend Dog and family but he isn’t being attacked, you can’t be so blinded by your loyalty that you don’t see reality. He’s not attacking them, he’s not calling them bad people, he’s pointing out the obvious discrepancy’s in what is being advertised as opposed to what is actually there. I would consider it a quality control issue more than a personal attack on Dog and crew.

  6. Reply to Classified

    Thank you for your feedback. Your thoughts are quite interesting and back up our research. We do love the show here at Dogsupporter, but we want the fans to get what they paid for and what was advertised. Clearly this has not happened. We will comment on this further soon


    Douglas Muire

  7. Anyone got any idea whats happening with A&E?

    Season five has ended without even really beginning. Any word on if/when we’re going to see a season six?

  8. Reply to Brad

    Such a well thought out comment, we had to post it. (sarcasm off)

  9. Ooh oops i just wrote a long comment and as soon as i hit reply it come up blank! Please please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

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