Autograph Signing Official Announcement

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Cast Signing Autographs at Merchandise Store
Dog, Beth, Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa will attend Wednesday event
By Mona Wood, 12/2/2008 9:17:25 AM

Honolulu, HI – The cast of Dog the Bounty Hunter, A&E’s hit Real-Life series, will be autographing merchandise and posing for photos with any purchase from their logo merchandise store, Da Dog House, this Wednesday, December 3, from 12-2 p.m, at Da Kine Bail Bonds (1381 Queen Emma Street), a few doors maukaon the 1st floor; Street parking only.Meet the world-famous Dog the bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, wife Beth, and children-bounty hunters Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa Chapman and get the perfect gift for fans, which includes a free autograph or photo op with any purchase.

There will be official merchandise for sale – most not available at their online store; Lots of new styles, including “Beth” and “Leland” clothing;

Plus Duane will also sign copies of his NY Times best-seller “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.”

There’s even a $9.99 sale bin for those on a budget

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been one of the highest rated real life series on cable since it launched in 2004, and #1 for A&E since 2005. The last season of the hit show averaged nearly 3 million viewers per premiere episode. Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 5 included the 100th episode of the series, a major landmark for television shows, featuring a celebration filmed in Waikiki. The cast is currently filming Season 6 on Oahu.

Mona K. Wood is a spokesperson for the Chapmans.

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