One Charge Dropped on Tim Chapman

We have a media report that the judge has dropped a major charge against Tim Chapman. It appears things are looking more positive and the case is weak at best.

Judge drops one of two charges against Tim Chapman

Bounty hunter Timothy Chapman — sidekick of Duane “Dog” Chapman — has been acquitted of a terroristic threatening charge but is still on trial for indecent exposure.

Circuit Judge Richard Perkins this morning granted defense lawyer Brook Hart’s motion for a judgment of acquittal on the threatening charge.

Chapman, who is not related to Duane Chapman, was arrested a year ago after a witness reported seeing him fondling himself while sitting in a pickup truck at Ala Moana Center.

The threatening charge grew from allegations that Chapman nearly ran over a security guard who had come to investigate the fondling allegation.

Attorney Hart has said that Chapman was changing clothes in the truck after spilling orange juice on his pants and left the area quickly after security personnel arrived.

Credit for this story goes to our friends at The Honolulu Advertiser.

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