Tim Chapman Trial Update

Chapman trial focuses on his behavior in car

By Star-Bulletin staff 

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jan 27, 2009

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Reality television show star Timothy Chapman will demonstrate how he wiped spilled orange juice off his groin area while seated in his pickup truck last year near Ala Moana Center, defense attorney Brook Hart said.

Chapman, a cast member of the cable television show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is on trial in state court on charges of indecent exposure and terroristic threatening for allegedly masturbating in a bank parking lot and driving his truck toward a security guard before fleeing. He is not related to the show’s main star, Duane “Dog” Chapman.


[Preview]Tim Chapman Goes To Trial


A side kick of bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman was charged with indecent exposure and terroristic threatening.



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In court yesterday, witness Kimberly Lum testified that when she walked past the front of Timothy Chapman’s truck, she saw a male masturbating in the front seat. She said she did not see his face, but she described his actions graphically in court. 

Ala Moana security officer Jason Wessel testified that when he arrived at the parking lot in response to Lum’s report of a male fondling himself, Chapman was moving from the front seat of the truck to the back seat.

According to Hart, Chapman was on his way to Ala Moana Center Jan. 3, 2008, when he spilled some orange juice on himself, primarily on the crotch of his pants.

He said Chapman turned into the Bank of Hawaii Ala Moana branch parking lot to wipe himself off and change trousers in the back seat of his pickup.

Because there was a child seat on one side and a container of clothing on the other, Hart said Chapman had to sit on the back seat’s center console to wipe himself off. He had to change trousers twice, Hart said, because the first pair was too big and he could not find a belt.

When he changed a second time, Hart said, Chapman realized he did not wipe himself off completely the first time so did so again.

Hart attempted to discredit Lum’s testimony by asking her a number of blunt questions about masturbation, including one that was thrown out by Judge Richard Perkins.

Hart said he will present testimony from an expert who examined Chapman’s trousers and confirmed the presence of orange juice.

He said he will also present testimony from a traffic reconstruction expert to confirm Chapman’s claim that he was not trying to run over Wessel. Hart said Chapman turned his front wheels in Wessel’s direction to avoid hitting a newspaper vending machine and a pillar before jumping a curb and driving onto a sidewalk to flee


Credit: Starbulletin

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26 Responses to Tim Chapman Trial Update

  1. Kelly says:

    I want to see Tim Chapman Go Back on the tv show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” I do Not believe that you went
    thruogh that. Tim is the best runners the Dog has, Leland is the next one. I am so bummed out that Tim is not on the show I record every show. I would like to see new shows!

  2. Janice says:

    Tim is not on the show because he is a single dad and does not want to leave Hawaii for a month at a time
    to tape in Denver.

  3. Cat Lewis says:

    I miss Tim on the show and hope he comes back
    soon once this rediculous witch trial is over.

  4. Janice says:

    Trial is over and Tim was found innocent. He is a single dad raising 3 small kids who does not have
    time for television.

  5. Janice says:

    We also received a call from our friend at Dakine. Tim is in the middle of divorce proceedings also and unable to travel. Can you imagine as a single parent to 3 small kids, including a baby, being out of town for a month at a time ? We are told that Tim may come back when his schedule allows it. DOG and crew still often help Tim’s bond company

    Case Closed

  6. Nancy Rojas says:

    I didn’t know that Tim got divorced; He seemed so in love with his wife, and she with him. Why R they getting a divorce? So sad. I hope Tim is back soon on the show. He is a great guy & great partner w/ Dog.

  7. jackie says:

    I wish Tim and his family all the best. I am sorry that he is going through such a hard time. I am glad to hear the Dog and his family are supporting him in his hour of need. Hopefully he is now setting new priorities for himself and his three small children. They need him now more than ever. May God Bless.

  8. Amalia says:

    We want Tim back because he is my favorite and the reason I saw the show.Its not the same without him Mybe he could have his own show. We wish tim and his family the BEST. LOVE YOU TIM!

  9. peter ruscheinsky says:

    pleaseput tim back on dog please we need hjm

  10. peter ruscheinsky says:

    show is not the same. we need less of beth ned more of dog

  11. Janice says:

    It is up to the network

  12. Lisa says:

    Missing TIM too…..I really liked him and its not such a good show without him.

    Why cant the network just pay for childcare etc etc??

  13. Janice says:

    DId you consider that Tim may want to raise his kids ?

  14. Suzanne says:

    i wish the best for tim…was wondering how many kids does he have…some say 3 some say 4…miss you tim your the best

  15. Janyne says:

    As much as I miss Tim being on the show, I completely understand that he wants to be there to raise his kids as they are his #1 priority.

    You do whats best for you and family and I will be waiting if and when you return to the show.

  16. maggie says:

    wish tim all the luck in the world. hes a great dad. sad he is getting divorced. but his kids will be well looked after. i know he will give them a better life than he had. love ya tim godbless

  17. randi says:

    What is wrong with the law why would he even be in a court room the people who are on the stand just want there 5 sec. of fame so get over it and let the man go I love you Tim and hope to see you soon.

  18. Paula york says:

    tim, no matter what they say abt. you, I’ll be in your corner. You are a good man, don’t let this stuff bring you down. Hope you get back on the show soon. Miss seeing you. Take care of your family, everything else will fall into place

  19. JASON says:

    tim we need u back the show isnt the same without u. i know how it is to take care of three kids. so made props on being a real father. some men need to grow up and take responsibility for there kids. and early happy fathers day…

  20. what happened to tims wife. she was on the show having their second child and next i see tim he has like four kids and no wife. can anyone explain


  22. Val Hammond says:

    We all love him in the UK

  23. I miss Tim on the show since he has been gone its just not the same.

  24. tim cool he neaver did nothing wrong

  25. Jon Vox says:

    This is the thing about American Law and having your whole life portrayed by the media.
    Now all those scumbags that lied and even that security guard that was clearly just after money should be brought up on charges.American law is just totally over the top,the list of laws in Hawaii that you can go to jail for is ludicrous and while its clear that Americans need and should be protected when it comes down to it they are not.I love going for a holiday in Hawaii and America in general but anyone can see that its a country that’s totally run by the cops,the military,overpriced lawyers and sky high medical bills by huge corporations. America should be about freedom but what real freedom do Americans have,when you can get jailed for drinking in public,jaywalking and now wiping orange juice from your pants!.I always tell people that being under the media spotlight is a double edged sword,it can and does destroy peoples lives.I know Tim himself had an extremely bad childhood and then his wife cheated on him,then the absurd court case.Its best for him to stay away from the spotlight,look at all the problems that Duane has had, to the point that even his own son betrayed him for money,just how terrible is that.I hope that Duane and Beth STAY TOGETHER but to be honest,its time to stay away from fame,even the best marriages can break under the ever watchful eyes of that dirty mud racking 24/7 filth they call media.

  26. Dogsupporter says:

    We suggest watching the special 2 hour preview

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