Dog’s “brother” Innocent

Dog’ Chapman’s Brother Acquitted

Tim Chapman Blasts Prosecution


POSTED: 3:48 pm HST February 2, 2009
UPDATED: 6:49 pm HST February 2, 2009


The reality-show sidekick of Duane “Dog” Chapman was acquitted of indecent exposure Monday. 

Tim Chapman took the stand to claim it was all a misunderstanding which began with spilled orange juice. 

The indecency and threatening charges against Tim Chapman could not have come at a worse time. Last January, the Bounty Hunter show was off the air because of the “Dog’s” racial comments and his wife Beth had warned the cast to stay away from bad press or else. 

Chapman said he pulled into an Ala Moana parking space so he could privately clean up after spilling orange juice on his lap. 

“I looked out the front windshield to make sure there wasn’t anybody around the truck before I did that,” Chapman said. 

But he was wrong. A woman witnessed his baby wipe bath. 

“I took another wipe, proceeded to wipe down again up down on both sides,” Chapman said. 

He said he fled the scene when because he thought arriving security guards would call the media. Beth Chapman had warned him against publicity just two days before. 

“I thought uh this is exactly what she told us not to do — involvement with the media,” Chapman said. 

“Would a guy then go off and risk his entire life two days later by exposing himself in a public parking lot?” said defense attorney Brook Hart. 

But prosecutors argued Chapman could have chosen a more private place and fleeing made him look guilty. But Judge Richard Perkins, who earlier threw out a terroristic threatening felony charge, said prosecutors didn’t prove he intentionally exposed himself. 

“Given that, I find you not guilty,” said Perkins. 

Chapman came out blasting the prosecution. 

“What a blatant waste of taxpayers’ dollars, just incredible,” Chapman said. 

Deputy prosecutor Wayne Teshima said based on the evidence he believes that Chapman did expose himself. 

“I still believe that, yes,” Teshima said. 

Chapman said now that he is acquitted he’d love to get back on the television show, but he said the main reason he fought the charge was because a conviction would have made it harder to win custody of his two children

One thought on “Dog’s “brother” Innocent

  1. I hope this means he will be back on the show. I think Tim is an awesome guy and I (and my family) miss seeing him there. I didn’t really understand his being off in the first place, ya know “innocent until proven guilty” but figured that was A&E’s doing. But what a bunch of crap.

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