Dog Coming to Hamilton Canada To Speak

Dog the Bounty Hunter after faith, not fugitives

AP Photo/Ronen Zilberman
Duane Lee Chapman, more commonly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter

Coming to Hamilton to preach
February 24, 2009
He likes to call himself “the greatest bounty hunter in the world.”

Now Duane Lee Chapman, more commonly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, wants to become the greatest inspirational speaker in the world.

The star of the hit A&E television show is coming to Hamilton Place Saturday, May 30, to tell his story of conversion from a biker’s life-of-crime to born-again Christian, bounty hunter, author and TV celebrity.

For the price of a ticket ($29.50, $39.50 and $49.50), you can hear Dog tell about how he served two years in a Texas prison for his part in a drug-related shotgun killing, before learning the tricks of the bounty hunting trade and bringing some 6,000 bail jumpers and fugitives to justice.

Of course, Dog still gets into trouble. In 2007, his show was suspended when he was caught on tape uttering the N-word several times in a telephone conversation with his son. Dog publicly apologized for his racist language and A&E eventually brought his TV show back to the airways.

Tickets for Dog The Bounty Hunter go on sale at Copps Coliseum box office Friday, or on-line at or by phone at 905-527-7666.

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