Can You Afford To Live In Hawaii ?

Hawaii is pretty well known for being an expensive place to live. The average monthly income is roughly $50,000 per year while housing costs average around $500,000. To afford a home in Hawaii you would have to make a minimum of about 120k a year according to recent estimates. So its pretty obvious Hawaii’s high cost of living stems from a high ratio between income vs housing costs. But its not only housing that is expensive in Hawaii, everything having to do with day to day living puts a hefty burden on anyone who calls Hawaii home. Hawaii is not only number 1 in the cost of real estate its second to no one in food, beverage and gasoline costs. Hawaii of course claims the top spot in overall cost of living. Food is a hot commodity in Hawaii shockingly there is only roughly a week’s supply of it. The cost of food is 150% higher than average. All this makes living in Hawaii a worse proposition than visiting it. Cost Of Living In Hawaii General Stats Median Housing income- $84,000 Average home- $500,000 Electricity- 16.73 kwh Gasoline- $3.00 per gallon Gasoline Tax-$31.8 per gallon Diesel Fuel Tax- $41.5 Sales Tax- %4 Cigarette Tax- $1.60 per pack Income Tax- 1.4% -8.5%

One thought on “Can You Afford To Live In Hawaii ?

  1. Interesting and daunting. Except for the touristy establishing shots and the Chapmans’ own neighborhood, Hawai’i, on DOG, looks like 3rd World tropic mierdaville, anyway, esp. in contrast to the tidiness of (what’s shown of) Colorado’s allegedly bad areas. Makes one think those Hawai’i ‘hoods and rural coves the crew are always hunting are wall-to-wall imported welfarees or sellers of contraband–it almost makes US citizens being excluded from jobs and entrepeneurial efforts by (at least trying-to-work) foreigners (something that’s been entrenched in Calif. for around 40 years, now)look good!
    Of course you didn’t mention INSURANCE; so many variables, there: In William Dunn’s ’96 book, BOOT (his rookie year, ’90, on the LAPD), he related that a training officer of his only gave out tickets for MAJOR traffic offenses in their poor, crime-ridden division, since it could ‘ruin the lives’ of the violater. She herself came from a local apartment complex, where the innocents imprisoned themselves from gang terrorism, and the insurance companies charged 5 times the rate paid by rich folks in safe suburbs.

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