Dog Gets Shot At

Earlier today, Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family were shot at by fugitive Hoang Nguyen in Colorado Springs, as they approached him. No one was injured.

Contrary to previous media reports, 35-year-old Nguyen has a $25,000 bond (previous reports stated $1,000), and did not have his bond revoked for domestic violence and gun charges. Nguyen allegedly fired at least one shot at the Chapmans, and escaped on a red motorcycle. He is still on the loose, and now also wanted for attempted homicide because of today’s incident.

Veteran Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown, often seen on “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” and “Dog” Chapman were working together to apprehend Nguyen at an apartment complex in Colorado Springs.

Chapman and his team were armed only with pepper ball guns, as “Dog” does not carry lethal weapons.

Mona K. Wood For Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER

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