Helping Or Hurting Safety? Dog The Bounty Hunter Talks With NEWSCHANNEL 13

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By Josh Simeone

COLORADO SPRINGS – “Dog the Bounty Hunter” tells NEWSCHANNEL 13 he believes he’s improving safety in Colorado Springs, despite a couple of incidents in the past month.

Late Monday night, a man the show’s crew was after was involved in a car accident. Police say 20-year-old Kelly Murphy took off after his vehicle flipped over near Moreno and Rio Grande. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and police spent hours searching for Murphy, but did not find him.

On Tuesday, Murphy’s father helped to arrange his surrender at a Colorado Avenue bar in Colorado Springs.

“I’ve done this 30 years and I’ve never really seen a guy that’s been this receptive to rehabilitation,” Duane “Dog” Chapman told NEWSCHANNNEL 13 in an exclusive on-camera interview.

Murphy is now behind bars after being wanted for failure to appear for a narcotics violation.

In April, police responded to a call for shots fired involving the Dog the Bounty Hunter crew in their attempt to capture a wanted man in Colorado Springs. Police did not charge the man who allegedly fired shots at the show’s crew because there was not enough evidence.

“I’m the kind of guy that’s trying to make it safe for the public,” Chapman says.

“Dog” says not to judge his work on just a few incidents, especially when his crew has arrested thousands of people without any issues.

As for his relationship with Colorado Springs Police – the bounty hunter says it’s strong and he respects and admires the department. “We’re part of their organization, we’re on their totem pole – we may be on the bottom, but we’re all after the same goal – catch the bad guy and fix him.”

The Chapman family encourages rehabilitation, and “Dog” and his wife, Beth, have even held open town hall meetings to educate people about the dangers of drugs.

According to the show’s website, bounty hunters overall, such as “Dog,” account for 30-40,000 arrests every year.

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