From our research team. These facts have been backed up by witnesses.

1) DOG did not report the alleged gun shots. The neighbors called the police. This was not the actions of a person looking for media coverage.

2) The Fugitive was wanted for alleged gun crimes.

3) DOG did not want fugitive to face anymore charges. The fugitive was taken into custody and DOG shook his hand.

4) The media came to DOG asking questions.

5) DOG and crew heard a loud bang as did witnesses.

6) The crime scene was swarmed with witnesses as are many scenes
now where DOG and crew are spotted. The site was not taped off by
Police and was not a clean crime scene. Any evidence could have easily vanished.

This clown of a public service asking for charges is way out of line. What a waste of taxpayers money. Let us use his salary for drug programs, rehabs and causes that matter. Not someone seeking a spotlight.

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