Starting Wed at 9pm on A&E, 3 intense weeks, 1 fugitive, 3 hours of hunting, very exciting!!! on DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER



  1. Dear Dog,
    I need 2 tell u dat i luv u n have been a fan since the begining i also have my 3 sons hooked on ur show as well dat 1 of them now wants 2 b a bounty hunter cause ur his hero. Now i must say dat i have just listen 2 a recording of u speaking 2 ur son Tucker bout his NIGGER girl friend & how u openly said dat u as well as ur family use dat word frequently I was shocked since u claim 2 b part cherokee indian therefore u show know 1st hand how racial words can b hurtful n damaging I just want 2 say dat Im very disappointed n hurt n lost 4 words u also said that u wont lose everthing dat u worked hard 4 4 da past 30yrs however u must have forgotten dat if it wasnt 4 ur viewers n GOD u wudnt have been as successful as u have been n bein the god fearing man dat u portrayed urself 2 b i wud have thought dat u werent such a biggot but as da old saying goes wat comes around goes around enjoy ur success because as we all no GOD dont like ugly n Im glad 2 have seen ur uglyiness now ill allow my son 2 c his hero 4 who he is n let him no dat the Dog is just dat A DOG

  2. Dear Beth,
    I just watched the episode where your men were arrested. My heart cried for you and your family. I am a 60 year old bounty hunter and I started my own business in Kansas. I feel for you as I am now going through the same thing. There is a cop in Oklahoma who is determined to arrest me on trumped up charges. He told me he would get me one way or another! He has a hatred for bounty hunters which is obvious when he talks. I am now sitting here doing the waiting game since he is now trying to get me on extortsion charges! I am a pentecostal minister and I have never extorted anyone in my life! He is mad because I got the guy he was looking for within twenty-four hours after getting the warrent! He was on bond for attemped murder and I got to witness to him, he was only 19. But now I can’t even go into the town where the cop is because he said he would keep adding charges if I did! Since I haven’t been charged yet all I can do is pace and wait and when you are 60 you don’t want to waste time waiting!! I just wanted to say I admire you and your fortitude. I can see under the toughness you project that there is a woman who is filled with heart and warmth! I just felt I had to let you know this. Thanks for listening to me. Sherlene

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