Note To R.J. Fernandez

When you throw out disrespect to others, you must expect it in return. DOG may have a different style, and it would not be much of a show if he captured grannies with speeding tickets while sitting on his lawn chair. We hear from a lot of law enforcement who are fans of his, including police officers and officials in Denver.

Maybe grabbing that shotgun and showing the ID theft on the show, will embarrass those thieves into leading better lives. I am sure you do your job well, but DOG is not out there attacking your style.

The man is different, but his message is needed. No to drugs, yes to second chances, if he can do it, anyone can do it.

If you notice, they ask permission to come in. Whether people know whether to say no is another question. That is not on DOG though.

Facts are. Your first comments were calling DOG a criminal, insulting
their egos etc. Then you would be pleased to meet them. The whole
line is now boring

To each his own.

TIme to move on, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Note To R.J. Fernandez

  1. Janice great message. You r 100% right. It takes a different person to show the world how to get drugs off the street and how we should give everyone a second chance. Another point u made DOG is ot out there attacking anyone style he does except everones line of work or life as long as life I mean as long as theres no drugs or abbuse involve in it. He is a great guy and if people would leave im alone that dont want to help him he could getalot more done. We choose to be apart of his work. I would love to see this world drug free and people helpning and loving there neighbor. So Janice thanks again for this webpage.

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