New Blog Staff Member

We welcome today, a new writer for the blog to pitch in. My summer is busy with our children and like being outside. Chicago is the best in the summer, see you at Wrigley. Our new writer has a degree in Journalism as well as investigative report. Her husband works in law enforcement and his viewpoint as an officer, will add a new dimension. Thanks to TJ for joining the Dog The Bounty Hunter News Source. I will be active also, but ready for some baseball and sun.

Thank you to our readers for their support. Our views are at the highest level ever and we have some interesting investigations on the way.


Look for us on Twitter shortly.

2 thoughts on “New Blog Staff Member

  1. Investigations? Who do you think you are, and what gives you the rights to “investigate” others? You’re a bunch of armchair bounty hunters without a clue. Oh, and that bit about being on Twitter soon? I doubt that.


    (self proclaimed Troll)

  2. Wrong again huh “David” Our Twitter is @dogsupporter.. It is refreshing to see idiot trolls still exist. It revives our faith in the sewer dwellers of the web.

    More about this clown soon

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