Fans Demand More Information About Tim.

We have received many questions about Tim. We have been told that he is busy dealing with a divorce and watching his children. We are starting to believe this may be only part of the story.

The crew is short of members, relying on more and more on Bobby Brown. Now Lyssa is gone also waiting for the birth of her second child. They tried Travis, but he only lasted one show. Running out of family now.

We find it odd Tim is not mentioned at all. We will look into this. Perhaps A&E could release a statement.

We here at ALL Dog miss Tim. We think it would be in the best interests of the show to have him return, at least for the Hawaii shows.

9 thoughts on “Fans Demand More Information About Tim.

  1. As you have said the reason he isnt in the show is cause he is looking after very young children and is in the middle of a divorce. And im quessing shooting for the show isnt for a few hours a day I’m thinking probably dawn till dusk, if that is true were on earth is he going to find the time to look after his children, get a divorce and then shoot all day for the show it isnt possible. how many times to people need to be told this and that he will possibly return when he can, just let it go if people are true fans of the show and the Chapman’s they would get this and leave the poor man alone.

  2. Well said, Charlotte! Tim has a lot on his plate now and the schedule of filming and traveling for the show no longer works for him. I for one am proud he has chosen his young children over the fame of being on a reality show. If his situation ever changes and he’s able to come back to the show, I will welcome him back with open arms, but if that never happens then I wish Tim the best of luck on the new path life has taken him.

  3. I’m sure there is a lot of other stuff happening that we don’t know about.. For example: Before divorce, Tim had just been to court for indecent exposure by having no pants on in a parking lot. He said that he had spilled something in his lap and had removed his pants… Good excuse.
    Just guessing that his wife knows more than we do on this issue, and also because of this.. Dog and crew MIGHT want to distance themselves from it for fear of losing popularity. Just my views…

    Editors Note: Tim was found not guilty of all charges. That whole thing was a waste of the court’s time. Tim is going through
    a divorce and was not living or with his wife at the time according to local media. This disputes your post.

  4. I’m a member of the DTBH fanclub and I know for a fact that Tim and his wife had broken up before that incident happened. As for Dog and crew wanting to distance themselves from Tim, Tim was found not guilty of the charges. Plus, the Chapman’s are second chance people and they wouldn’t just drop Tim because of something like that. Tim’s a good man who is dealing with a major change in his life and is taking care of his very young children. Why are some people trying to make more out of Tim leaving the show? Those are good enough reasons for him not being able to be on the show anymore.

  5. “He is looking after his kids” just doesn’t float. That is a good temporary excuse. Everyone who has children has to look out for them full and usually work as well. Maybe he got tired of being the nice guy on the show. He was always respectable on the show and now he might be just worn down with all the cameras. Not everyone can thrive with a camera constantly on them. I don’t think I could. To me that coupled with his personal/marital issues would be enough for me. When you have marital issues a lot of others stuff suddenly becomes not so important anymore, or they should. I do miss Tim on the show and at least would like them to mention him once in awhile.

  6. To Terry:

    Another school of thought would be that it is Tim’s private life and he has chosen to keep it that way.

  7. I must agree with the commenter. Tim at least should be mentioned on the show



  8. Dog and his family have not distanced themselves from Tim at all. I was at the 100th episode party and he is still a member of their team, works in the office but just cant go off filming. Tim even joined the stage with the rest of the posse for a Hawaiian Blessing. I have video footage on my youtube channel mj2fedup. i dont know if i am allowed to post urls in these comments section, but you can find me on youtube

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