Tim’s Status “Updated”

Tim’s Status

We are happy to see Tim included in the 100th episode party. The video recently provided by Bellmutt clearly shows that Tim is still part of the Chapman family and shows that his contributions to the first several years of the show have not been forgotten.

This new information is certainly positive for Tim and shows that he still has the support of the Chapmans. As for the fans complaining and demanding more information, everyone should be aware that the Chapmans run a business, and filming the show consumes long hours as previously documented. This is not the same situation as when an actor leaves a show, such as when George Clooney left ER. Tim has young children to care for as well as ongoing divorce proceedings. It is his prerogative to give his time to his children if he feels that is in their best interest. We support Tim and wish him well in his endeavors, and will of course welcome him back should he decide in the future that it is feasible to return to the show.


3 thoughts on “Tim’s Status “Updated”

  1. I miss tim and this was only escalated due to his family business otherwise this would not have received the attention it has

  2. See what I mean about people trying to make more out of Tim not being on the show being nonsense?! Tim is Dog’s bloodbrother and there is deep love and respect there. I’m glad this video from last October finally surfaced (thanks Bellmutt!) because maybe now people will stop trying to stir-up trouble where there is none. Tim has custody of his very young children and can no longer work the long hours and travel which the show requires…end of story!

  3. Tim has been also at Lyssas Wedding, I’ve seen some pics with him sitting by the family during the ceremony and on Bobby Browns official homepage there are (or have been, I haven’t checked yet) some pics from the party.
    He’s still part of the family, neither he’s part of the show or not.


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