14 thoughts on “Another Duane Lee Picture.

  1. He’s been divorced for over a year and he’s a handsome guy, I’d be shocked if he didn’t have a girlfriend. I hope he’s happy.

  2. I guess I am just a slow moving girl. I hope he’s happy too, but if he isn’t he can give me a call 🙂

  3. Yes. A good point. I am sure all of the single ones date or have girlfriends. Unless they are on camera, it is their private lives.

  4. yeah, if its their private lives, and obviously this was on someone’s private facebook, why post it publicly here? shouldnt we just respect his and her privacy?

  5. Bellmutt are you not the one that has posted video from the 100th party? Did they want footage of that event out before it was shown on the show??

    They are in the public eye, if they don’t want personal pictures out there, then they should not post them on the net. They know people are interested in their personal lives, maybe Duane Lee doesnt mind the pictures being out there?

  6. that 100th episode footage was my personal video and there was no signs anywhere in the club saying we couldnt take pictures, or video, and seen as that video was mine i own the copyright as well as i own the copyright of the pics i took with me and the posse, all on my myspace profile. That ‘private’ facebook page claiming to be DL is a fake, as confirmed by the the official Dog sources on twitter. Dl or any of the posse dont have personal, public, private accounts anywhere on facebook. Only person from the Chapman family to have a myspace page is Baby Lyssa. you seem to get your info from unreliable sources. why does the family insist they have no pages on facebook and oops suddenly DL has a secret one on facebook. i had all this nonsense with Bebo last year with one fake Leland.

  7. and i do beleive Dl did not upload those pics as he doesnt, i repeat does not have a private or public facebook page

  8. btw when i posted that vid on twitter, Brettthe official Dog fanclub admin reposted it on his tweet as well, so obviously i have permission to show my own personal vid on the web.

  9. Bellmutt, you’re wrong. DL HAS a secret facebook page, but this is his private page to stay in contact with his stepdaughters. Why should they add an fake DL as friends on their pages???
    And what do you think would happen, if they say ‘yeah, DL has a private facebook page’ officially?

    I think it’s his right to have one, it’s also his right to deny this but if he upload private pics he have to anticipate that someone could hack his album and steal the pics. Not that this would be ok – but nothing in the net stays private when uploaded… that’s for sure.

  10. I knew from past dealings with you that I should have left well enough alone. When you post, you should get it all out at once instead of posting 3 different times, within 3 mins.

    And who is to say that is really the Chapman’s posting on Twitter, have you not noticed the time on some of those post? I don’t see Beth up at 2 am twittering when she has had a full day of filming or being with the kids. But then again I forgot you are the “official Chapman Fan” you know all. Are they even showing the new season over there in the UK?

    I apologize to you Janice for turning your site into a Topix forum. It wont happen again. Thanks for all the news and photos you share with us.

  11. past dealings with me? shame i dont remember that. all i know is according to the official website that none of the boys have a facebook account. why lie to the fans? and you just turned this place into topix when you insult fans of a TV show by calling me Know All. and sometimes i do post three times. ever heard of an afterthought? i dont understand why some fans attack other fans the way you attacked me in your post, and it was so called fans like yourself who turned topix and dv forum the bad places they became, by accusing fans with your namecalling. everytime i posted something or everytime a fan posted a comment you make me or them out to be ‘trouble’ or ‘stalker’ or whatever. all i am is a fan of a TV show just like any other Tv show. dont make me out to be something i am not.

    all some of us fans are wondering if Dl and his gf know that someone anon are posting private pics?

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