31 thoughts on “This Friday’s Duane Lee Picture

  1. is that from duane lee’s private fb again :-/

    it is a private one i know he has as i tried adding him and he wouldnt accept , fakers accept anyone to make u try and believe they are real

  2. These pictures are not from Duane Lee’s Facebook. We do not have access to any Duane Lee account. Do not post pictures on the internet that you do not want seen


  3. It makes me sad that someone either Duane Lee or his girlfriend trust has put these private pics out for everyone to see.

  4. Janice,

    With all due respect, i am wondering how this site is getting the pictures.

    If they were not leaked, that means Duane Lee & Her are NOT the ones posting the pictures on the internet?

  5. What makes you all think he does not want everyone to know that he’s found someone that makes him happy? If he wants the world to know this, then great! I’m happy for him. She’s pretty and I can see why he’d want to boast the fact that she’s his girl!!

  6. Duane Lee and his girlfriend look very happy.And make a cute couple.But what i don’t get is.If he’s just recently divorced how can he go and find someone so fast?

  7. Linda,

    It has been rumored that his or her’s FaceBook account has been hacked into.

    Duane Lee has been divorced for all most a year.

  8. If they are not being leaked, and the account wasn’t hacked,
    how are these private pictures getting out?

  9. D and them have oftan said they do have any online sites that they use.there is such a thing as friends and fans posting this stuff.happens all the time.

  10. If they were not hacked, and they are not leaking them, then how are they getting out?

    Who is providing this site with the pictures?

  11. Oh just cut the f@#@!ng crap, its probably the girl in the picture whos leaking the photos maybe hes just can’t or doesn’t want to see her for what she might really be?

  12. dose anyone know what her name is? Duane Lee doesn’t have a Facebook.She might but he doesn’t.So its either her doing it or someone that they both know.But D doesn’t use Facebook or Myspace.

  13. only baby lyssa has a myspace page……..if any of them were to have one they would tell there fans first on there pages at dtbh site.they’ve said that so maney times.

  14. I think it would be much more likely that she would make these photos available. She’d have more reason to boast about being with him, not the other way around. And divorced for a year isn’t very long. I would assume he’s been with the new girl for more than a few months so sounds like he jumped right into another relationship…geez might want to try being alone for 5 minutes to learn from mistakes and to spend some time with the kid.

  15. Sorry, B, but he has for sure. On this site was the NY-Pic as profile-picture BEFORE he had it on his official site. But his site on facebook is private to stay in contact with his stepdaughters – why should he made it official????

  16. Nicki is right. I saw his friends list before he made it private. It included all three girls and mostly people he must have known in the Colorado Springs/Denver area and a few from Hawaii. There is no reason why he should not have a Facebook page and tell everyone that he does not because he does not want it to become a fan page, he just wants to keep in touch with people he actually knows and cares to talk to about things he knows they have in common, not things a fan would say to him or ask him.

  17. OMG..Thank you Christina.I’ve been sayin that all along.Just out of a divorced he shouldn’t even be with anyone yet.He should be taken time for himself and all that.I gree with you.Besides if they aint the ones leaking these pic’s.Then how r u guys getting them and putting them on this site??Some of them of him and her are of speical moments and private.If they didn’t give permission u should not be posting them.It’s wrong.He a normal person like the rest of us.Let him have some what of a private live.

  18. B. You come here to look and comment on them, perhaps you should look in the mirror. We do not see problems hosting a few harmless innocent pictures.

    DL is an adult, he can choose to be with anyone he desires. Being a fan of the show should not give anyone the right to know all details of their personal lives. We will not print or publish malicious gossip.

  19. hey, yeah i agree that these pics are probably by her.. i don’t see him posting something so private on line. he never did with his ex wife so why would he be doing that now? unless someone did hack into an account..

  20. NO ACCOUNT WAS HACKED. Research Facebook privacy and how it works. That perhaps may lead you to the answer


  21. Janice we are not starting anything we think its just wrong too have personal pics up when he doesnt want them up in the first place.. thats all we are saying.. your the one who made the page and posting all these pics SO please would wanna know how you get them all the time.. thats what we are trying too ask. we aren’t saying this and that. hes got every right too have a facebook and private life that has nothing to do with the show…

  22. HOW DO YOU GET AN IPHONE PICTURE that is from a phone? that and posted onto the facebook accounts unless that person is doing it themselves.. so we think its her posting the pics up.. its good but sometimes people don’t wanna know.. its fustrating when people want too know what shes all about.. its going too happen sooner or later with Duane Lee because hes so sweet and hot and people love him.. for who is.. but some people are just wanting to know how these pics got here in the first place.. thanks for hearing me out.. sorry if i caused something.. but how do you get an iphone pic on here…

  23. Hi Janice sorry for the questions..

    but how did that pic get onto the net its an iphone pic only a person from their phone can post it. thanks for the info ill check it out..

    do you have facebook janice?

  24. Iphone Pictures can be added to the net without difficulty. She had them on her Facebook Page only


  25. thanks janice… thats all we wanted to know… its sad that fans want too be in his private life like that… now i know not too post them on my websites of him..

  26. You all are saying that he doesn’t want them up for the world to see. So I’m wondering, how do you KNOW? Maybe he’s in love and wants the world to know. And just because he’s only been divorced for a year, who are you to say he can’t be in love now? You don’t know when his marriage was actually over. He spent so much time in Hawaii and her in Colorado, that had to be a real strain on both of them. Maybe she moved to Hawaii to see if there was still a spark there and maybe it never turned back into the flame that it should be. When the divorce was final is not necessarily when the marriage was over.

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