5 thoughts on “New Dog The Bounty Hunter Online Store Opens

  1. to me it looks very unprofessional . A few minor adjustments would of been better to me seems a rushed job , links dont work , doesnt even have any info like where they ship to etc … very poor job . hate to see what the new fansite will be , considering what this one is like .

  2. forgot to add on last comment , especially when u click about us or policy , nothing there , whats point of having them on there if nothing there. Also lots of items without pictures .

  3. I imagine that the site was in a rush to open it and the bugs will be fixed along the way. We tried an order and the details of where they shipped to were contained in that area.

  4. Yes very rushed – in the link for ‘the new bounty store’ they spelt august – Sugust! and the pictures at the top of the page look a bit stretched. To be honest it looks a bit like a made from home online shop than a professional one. They have a language change option on the top of the page but it just makes ?????? come up instead of names for more than half of the languages listed – would have made more sense to just list Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. The fact they have their site translated (at least in part) to 3 other languages is great I think and I like that we have a euro option so we don’t have to google convert everything as we go! I think its a very cheap looking quickie job and im surprised it has taken so long for it to come together. The other thing I think is strange is there isn’t a link to their main site.

    Did you order from the site Janice? It would be interesting to hear if the order processing takes long etc.

    On a completely different note, we just got the mini series here in the UK and now I get what you were all talking about. Loved it!loved it! The best eps ive seen!

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