Baby Lyssa Has Her 2nd Daughter


Dog the Bounty Hunter
is a grandpa, again, for the 14th time!

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s daughter Lyssa Chapman gave birth to a baby girl, named Madalynn Grace Galanti, on Friday, August 7th in Honolulu, HI and mother and daughter are doing well.

Lyssa, like her father, is one tough cookie – she filmed episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter up right up until she gave birth to her first child with Brahman Galanti.

The couple’s wedding was taped as a special episode of the family television show and will be the season finale on A&E on September 9.


From Official Release:



Lyssa Chapman, daughter of famed bounty hunting duo Beth and Duane “Dog” Chapman and co-star of A&E’s Real-Life series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ gave birth to Madaylnn Grace Galanti, a healthy baby girl, on Friday, August 7th at 7:40am. Madalynn was born 6lbs, 15 ounces and 20 inches long at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu.

Both mother and child are doing well and are home with proud husband and father Brahman Galanti. Lyssa and Brahman were married this past winter and their wedding celebration will be televised on A&E, Wednesday, September 9th at 9:00 PM ET/PT. In a future episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Madalynn’s birth will be featured as well.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming back this Wednesday, August 12th at 9:00 PM ET/PT with five brand new episodes, one premiering every Wednesday night culminating with the Lyssa and Brahman wedding special on September 9th.

Lyssa showed her toughness as she filmed the new episodes and bounty hunted with her family-based posse up until the last very last minute! ***Video clips are available.

Madalynn is Dog and Beth Chapman’s 14th grandchild.

22 thoughts on “Baby Lyssa Has Her 2nd Daughter

  1. Congratulations to Lyssa and Bo! One question though, 14 grandkids?? Where do they get 14? I only know of nine!! Who are the others?

  2. Congratulations Lyssa ,Bo, Abbie and Grandparents Dog and Beth on the Birth of Madalynn .Safe Journeys Dawn@ Carman Coast Salish Artists Bc x

  3. Congratulations Lyssa & Bo! Hope all is well and best wishes to you. (I think Madalynn is only Dog’s 10th grandchild, they have 13 kids and 9 grandkids and now 10 with Madalynn)

  4. Why God Made Little Girls
    God made the world with

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  5. Congrats Lyssa & Bo, may you have lots of joy with your baby girl and my you both love each other until the end of time. oh, and Lyssa you have the HOTTIEST brother (DUANE LEE).

  6. Hey All growed up Lyssa,
    congrats on 2 beautiful babies……… look great!!
    How are you feeling and what does the big sister think
    of new sister???

  7. Heya lyssa its laura xx

    hope your keeping well and congratulations on your baby …. Madalynn is a beautiful name and i hope i can see her on tv sometime xx


    laura xx

  8. Bo and Lisa. I watched the birth on TV , the birth made me cry. What a wonderful gift. Lisa you are a trooper. The baby is BEAUTIFUL. God Bless mom dad n baby. HI Beth Hi Dog. Love Cynthia =ó]

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