Blog Update

A Huge thumbs up to our readers. Our website visits are through the roof ! We will be expanding our brand back to a brand new Twitter account. Dogsupporter will be spotlighting our presence on Myspace and debuting our Facebook Page. The most exciting news. Now that Douglas has returned, we will be moving our blog to our own hosted site. This allows us a lot more freedom to design and cover the stories we see as important.

We will not be using advertisements of any type. We fund this sideline on our own. We thank our daytime bosses at the paper for allowing us to pursue this fascinating peek at Dog The Bounty Hunter and the social presence of fans and non-fans on the internet. Without their advice and connections, we would not be able to provide the coverage we are able to.

Please leave a comment if you like or despise our work. An alternate method is to contact our staff at Please put the person you want to contact in the title.. Janice, TJ or Douglas Muire.

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