Dog Was Ready To Join Search For Ryan Jenkins

The case of a celebrity fugitive wanted for murder has captured the attention of television’s most famous bounty hunter who is ready and willing to join the manhunt.

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, who tracks down bad guys on his TV show, said if asked by Canadian authorities, he would join the search for Ryan Jenkins.

“If we get one legal agency saying ‘Dog, get up here,’ we’re ready — we’re boiling over,” Chapman said yesterday.

He said he wouldn’t want to step on the toes of Canadian officials, but is willing to offer his hunting skills if needed.

“I’m sure we can find him — we can catch him,” he said. “We’re waiting.”

U.S. marshalls have offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to Jenkins’ arrest, but Chapman said he doesn’t care about the money.

He said the case and horrific details really struck him.

“My friend in the FBI and I were brainstorming and we were talking about to be able to remove fingers like that and teeth, that is pretty calculated,” he said.

Chapman said if he was on the hunt, he would go on foot to where Jenkins’ was last seen at the same time of day and ask motorists who drive the route every day if they saw him. He said Canadian authorities are likely trying to track him down on foot as well.

“The hunt can’t be done on a computer — this hunt should be done on the front lines,” he said. “It’s not that I know more — I do it every single day. We know what to do.”

Chapman suspects because Jenkins is well educated and wealthy, he is laying low in someone’s home or a barn, and can disguise himself while on the run.

4 thoughts on “Dog Was Ready To Join Search For Ryan Jenkins

  1. Hi
    as a Canadian the last thing in the world I would want is this clown running around Canada trying to catch someone. Besides Canada has a felony law
    and the “one” time dog was let into c\Canada he
    needed a special visa. Love these Canadian laws.

  2. Yes. Your country is much better off permitting bailrunners and murder suspects on the streets. Foolish

  3. Dog has been to Canada several times. And as a Canadian, I would have thought the last thing you would want is someone accused of violent crimes using Canada as a shelter.

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