Press Release. Chapbros Iphone App Raises Money For The Fight Against Breast Cancer

ChapBros Media will donate profits from their latest iPhone application, “Bumpkin Pumpkin Bash”, to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. During the week of October 19th to the 26th, profits from the downloads of this app will go towards breast cancer research. ChapBros Media has a goal to raise $10,000.

“No other company is doing this and we thought it would be great to raise money for a cause that affects so many people’s lives,” says Duane Lee Chapman, Co-Founder of ChapBros Media.

Bumpkin Pumpkin Bash costs .99 cents and is available now in the iTunes App Store. Bumpkin Pumpkin Bash is the craziest pumpkin chuckin’, jeep drivin’, backwoods game ya’ll have ever seen! Drive around the nation, chuckin’ pumpkins at cars & mailboxes. Dodge potholes, tumbleweeds, police cars, snow plows and anything else we can throw at you! This fast paced game puts your bumpkin skills to the test.

For more information about the National Breast Cancer Inc. please visit

ChapBros Media is owned and operated by the sons of the world famous Dog the Bounty Hunter

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