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A Q&A with Leland, DL and Lyssa. See more great features on A&E’s website. This was from a couple of years ago

Dog’s team is famous for their unique investigations of America’s small-town fugitives. Now A&E turns the tables to get the Inside scoop on them.
What is your favorite color?
LELAND: My favorite color is blue.
DUANE LEE: My favorite color would be blue.
BABY LYSSA: My favorite color is pink, because when I had a little baby girl, I was so excited to dress her in pink that I just fell in love with it and to this day I still wear it every day.
How many pets do you own? What kinds of animals are they? What are their names?
LE: I own one dog, his name is Shadow. And I have a whole gang of fish and all kinds of fish tanks, freshwater and saltwater.
DLEE: We got fish at the office now. I used to have a Llasah Apso dog named Chewy, and a little Chihuahua named Chip. But when I got divorced I lost all my pets. So I’m starting over now.
LYSSA: I have one dog and one cat. I really really love my cat, my dog I’m not too fond of. I basically just got him for the kids. I really like cats because they’re really quiet and they don’t mess with me too much.
What is your favorite food?
LE: My favorite food would have to be breakfast food. Just pretty much anything to do with breakfast, I like.
DLEE: My favorite food would be grilled chicken and brown rice. I love it. I could eat it every single day for every meal. I think I do eat it every single day.
LYSSA: I don’t really have a favorite food. I like all food. I’m a total food freak. I really like Italian food, pastas, shrimp, lobsters. I like to cook spaghetti, its awesome [but] it takes all day. I like to make homemade chilli. I like to make Portuguese bean soup. You know there’s like so many things. But things that take all day long to make…a big long meal that you smell all day and the smell’s around the house…that’s my favorite. Food is just such a big deal to me. I could never pick one thing that I like. I love all food.
What is your favorite video or computer game?
LE: My favorite video game right now would have to be NHL 08 because I’m currently the champion. My brother, he can’t beat me. So until they come out with a new one, that’s my favorite one for now.
DLEE: Hockey. ‘Cause I whup my brother Leland at it every single day. No matter where he’s at we jump online and play each other.
LYSSA: Oh my god…I love Tetris. I love Tetris. I have it on my phone. I have it on my PDA, on my computer. I play Tetris constantly. Tetris is the bomb.
Tell us about your tattoos. There’s a story behind each one isn’t there? Tell us how many, what they are and when you got your first one?
LE: Yes I have plenty of tattoos. I’ve got a couple on my arms. I’ve got a sleeve going on and I’ve got a partial sleeve on [the other arm]. I’ve got a few tattoos on my back. Would I ever consider on getting on a new one, yes I would. I’m actually waiting for my new tattoo right now, so as soon as I can get my appointment date which is around the corner, I’ll have a new one soon.
DLEE: I’ve got one tattoo on my shoulder of a cross with crown of thorns around [it].
LYSSA: I have a couple tattoos. I have a colorful tribal one on my back and I have one…no wait, I only have one tattoo. Sorry dad there’s only one I swear to God. Ok next question.
Favorite band/musician?
LE: My favorite band of all time would be Sublime. And I like Blink 182 and stuff like that.
DLEE: Linkin Park. I really like them. When I’m working out or anything, I can just put some Linkin Park in and just jam the whole hour.
LYSSA: My favorite musician of all time would have to be Janice Joplin because it’s the greatest music to listen to…love Janice Joplin and my favorite band would be the Steve Miller Band.
Favorite movie?
LE: Scarface I think is my ultimate favorite movie. I like the whole story of it. You know, the guy came from nothing. He didn’t build his way in a very legal way, but when he did, he made it to the top of his game.
DLEE: Gladiator. It’s my all-time favorite. Except the end of it, when he dies, I hate it. But ’til that part, it’s my favorite movie, but after he dies, I hate the movie.
LYSSA: Lord of the Rings, all versions. I can watch those for days and days. And at home we like to put them on and have a Lord of the Rings marathon sometimes. Once a year, we throw them all in and watch them back to back.
Favorite cartoon character?
LE: Garfield. I like him, he’s cool.
DLEE: When I was younger, growing up, my favorite cartoon was Voltron. What I liked about Voltron is the team really had to come together, they had to have the green lion, the blue lion, all of them had to come together to make Voltron. If one fell, they couldn’t make Voltron. So they had to be a team, and that was always cool to me when I was young. And Thundercats! I did like Thundercats. Don’t get me wrong, I did like Thundercats. Thundercats and Voltron were side by side.
LYSSA: My favorite characters are The Angry Beavers. There was a show on Nickelodeon, it wasn’t on very long. It was about these two beavers. It was great, I loved it. One was smart and the other one was stupid so one would get the other one into trouble all the time, and they’d build a house and one would break it then they’d build a new house…Angry Beavers man.
Favorite childhood toy or game?
LE: Cops and Robbers.
DLEE: My favorite childhood game was…Beat Up My Brother, it was called. And Leland would run around, and I would try to find him, and if I found him I would beat him up. That was my favorite game of all time. Out of nowhere, I would just start counting one, two – and he knew he had till seven to run and hide, ’cause by ten he was beat. That’s why he’s very good at hiding now. ‘Cause he had to hide. He hid in the dryer when I was younger, he hid underneath the car. In the refrigerator. Every place that kid could hide he would go. But I always found him.
LYSSA: My favorite childhood toy was my karaoke machine which I kept tapes in constantly and I would walk around my house singing Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson and it like never left my sight.
One person you’ve never met who you would like to meet?
LE: Jessica Alba
DLEE: Mike Shanahan. Coach of the Denver Broncos. I’d like to meet him. Kick it with him, drinking beer with Shanahan. Tell him what I think of how he’s been calling plays lately, see if that can get us to the Super Bowl one more time. I’ve got it right here how to win the Super Bowl. Call me Shanahan. Call me.
LYSSA: The Pope would be cool.
Who was your childhood hero?
LE: Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is the man. I watched all his movies, read all his books. He’s had a unique life and everybody respected him.
DLEE: My favorite hero of all time is John Ellway. With the Denver Broncos, I like the Broncos. My favorite sports team, in the world.
If I were an animal I would be…
LE: I would want to be a lion. The king of the jungle.
DLEE: I’d be an orca. A killer whale. ‘Cause they are the meanest freaking sea creatures around. Killer whales, they hang in pods, they freaking hunt, they play with their food, I mean everything about an orca is incredible.
LYSSA: I would be a bird because birds can fly around all day and I would love to be able to fly. And they have such pretty feathers and they make pretty songs.
People tell me I look like…
LE: That guy on tv…
DLEE: People tell me I look like Brad Pitt when I go like this. [PUTS HAND ON CHIN] No, I don’t know. People tell me I look like me. No one’s ever told me I look like anyone. Who do I look like?
LYSSA: I look like my dad a lot. When I see people they say “you look so much like your dad….” I think it’s nice when they say that.
The biggest influence in my life has been…
LE: I’ve had several of them. But I would probably say my dad. He’s the closest, the one around me.
LYSSA: Probably my daughter because she’s taught me so much.
What is your favorite way to relax when you’re not working?
LE: The beach. All the time.
DLEE: My favorite way to relax when I’m not working is fishing. Man, give me a couple fishing poles and my son right next to me, life don’t get better than that.
LYSSA: My favorite way to relax is to just turn on the TV, watch TV, completely zone out and just sit on my couch with not a care in the world. I like to watch the Nanny, that makes me relax…I like to watch Sex and the City. I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter constantly..


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Merry Christmas

From FOX News

Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is doing a very special episode of his show Wednesday night.

He’s hunting down Kris Kringle.

Fox411.com sat down with the self-made lawman to talk about Christmas, family, Steven Seagal, and, of course, how much he loves Fox News.

“Geraldo [Rivera] has been my friend for many, many years, and my family and I tune in to Fox News all the time,” Chapman told Fox411.com “It’s a Dog-friendly channel. I get excited when Greta [Van Susteren] has a fugitive up on her show to keep an eye out for. We watch Fox to get leads on different suspects or fugitives.”

Fugitives who apparently now include Santa Claus?

“December 23rd is our Christmas special and it is about us finding the real Kris Kringle!” he said. “We are hired to find out where Santa lands with his reindeer! We go hunting with a few great children. This is our first Christmas special in almost seven years. It’s going to be full of lots of laughs, and even a few happy tears.”

Yes, we hope Santa’s tears are happy. Chapman wouldn’t ruin Christmas for millions of good little boys and girls, would he? Especially since it sounds like quite a few of them will be showing up at his own house.

“We’re waiting for the final total for Christmas dinner, but we have 11 kids and 14 grandchildren,” he said. “At least a dozen will be with us, but a lot will be out of town visiting their other families, and then we’ll have about six or seven bounty staff, too. It is always a fun, rowdy meal.”

Chapman let us in on how Christmas is done in Hawaii, “Dog” family-style.

“In Hawaii we have lots of sun, so we spend plenty of time outside. We do a family prayer to bless everyone then we use the gifts as little bribes to keep kids in line and doing their homework for the year,” he said. “All my kids have to take a picture of themselves and write an essay about why they love dad. I try to get them whatever they want, within reason! My young son, Gary, wants a car but he is definitely not getting that.”

And it sounds like Chapman wants one thing from Santa this year – to beat Steven Seagal’s new show, “Lawman,” in the ratings.

“He’s a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t have to go out and save lives,” Dog said. “He’s doing it because he wants to help people. I’m proud he’s in the A&E family, as long as his numbers stay just under mine!”

– Kelly Will

DTBH Update

Television at holiday time means Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown and his sad-lookin’ tree and…Dog the Bounty Hunter?


Tomorrow night’s episode of Dog’s hit A&E show focuses on the mullet-happy tough guy’s search for Santa Claus. No, Kris Kringle didn’t jump bail…

Dog tells us he wants to prove to kids that Santa really does exist. The adventure begins with a FBI Agent telling Dog and company where he old St. Nick feeds his reindeer.

“It’s 10,000 feet above sea level,” Dog tells me with the same seriousness as if he was detailing one of his signature hunts for an armed fugitive. “So with oxygen, mace guns and so forth we headed out…to see if could find the alleged guy.”

We won’t spoil the end for you, but Dog promises it’s completely family-friendly.

Holiday cheer aside, Dog’s main intent these days is capturing real-life drug kingpin Marco Padilla. “He was an informant for the government, so we don’t know if he’s changed his name and was put into witness protection or if he’s in Mexico,” Dog says. “We’re going to get him, but so far he’s the only guy who has eluded us for more than three months.”

Maybe Santa Claus knows where he is. We’re sure Marco is on his who’s-been-naughty list.