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Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is doing a very special episode of his show Wednesday night.

He’s hunting down Kris Kringle. sat down with the self-made lawman to talk about Christmas, family, Steven Seagal, and, of course, how much he loves Fox News.

“Geraldo [Rivera] has been my friend for many, many years, and my family and I tune in to Fox News all the time,” Chapman told “It’s a Dog-friendly channel. I get excited when Greta [Van Susteren] has a fugitive up on her show to keep an eye out for. We watch Fox to get leads on different suspects or fugitives.”

Fugitives who apparently now include Santa Claus?

“December 23rd is our Christmas special and it is about us finding the real Kris Kringle!” he said. “We are hired to find out where Santa lands with his reindeer! We go hunting with a few great children. This is our first Christmas special in almost seven years. It’s going to be full of lots of laughs, and even a few happy tears.”

Yes, we hope Santa’s tears are happy. Chapman wouldn’t ruin Christmas for millions of good little boys and girls, would he? Especially since it sounds like quite a few of them will be showing up at his own house.

“We’re waiting for the final total for Christmas dinner, but we have 11 kids and 14 grandchildren,” he said. “At least a dozen will be with us, but a lot will be out of town visiting their other families, and then we’ll have about six or seven bounty staff, too. It is always a fun, rowdy meal.”

Chapman let us in on how Christmas is done in Hawaii, “Dog” family-style.

“In Hawaii we have lots of sun, so we spend plenty of time outside. We do a family prayer to bless everyone then we use the gifts as little bribes to keep kids in line and doing their homework for the year,” he said. “All my kids have to take a picture of themselves and write an essay about why they love dad. I try to get them whatever they want, within reason! My young son, Gary, wants a car but he is definitely not getting that.”

And it sounds like Chapman wants one thing from Santa this year – to beat Steven Seagal’s new show, “Lawman,” in the ratings.

“He’s a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t have to go out and save lives,” Dog said. “He’s doing it because he wants to help people. I’m proud he’s in the A&E family, as long as his numbers stay just under mine!”

– Kelly Will

8 thoughts on “From FOX News

  1. Ok, first he has 12 children, then on Joy Behar the ticker said he has 14, now he lists 11???? Does he know how many he has????

  2. I thought I posted this..if I did and it was offensive in some way, just delete it again but Dog had 2 kids that died Zeb and Barbara. He also lists a son Nicholas (or others do) but he was listed as BK’s half-brother on her obit. He says he has 9 sons and 3 daughters constantly on the show. Who is the “extra” boy?

  3. His name might be Wesley Dean Chapman?
    Duane Lee and the boys deny him as a brother.
    Hard to tell how many pups Dog has out there.

  4. It is not hard at all to figure out. Read the book. There is a Wesley Chapman who appears on the show.

  5. I love Dog the Bounty Hunter. I had always heard about him yet never watched him. In ’08 after I moved my wife to IA I then began watching him. First time I saw Beth I said to my wife, omg she can hurt someone with her boobs. I love the whole family with one acception and that is Tucker. Like someone else said, he should be grateful to have a father like Duane Dog Chapman. But what does he do instead? He sets him up so that when A&E got wind of it he’d lose his show, house and business. Makes me almost wish that Tucker gets caught doing drugs with Monique & Delisha and they all got to jail, then when Dog hears about it does nothing to help him. Maybe then Tucker will realize how he screwed himself by his actions.

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