We ordered a Chapbros package of new Tshirts and Hoodies. They arrived in 17 days, which is decent for this time of year. The quality is excellent. Feedback for the Bros products is excellent. We at Dogsupporter fully endorse the Chapbros, unlike their Step-mother Beth Chapman (BOOO) (HISS) *see story below

The clothing is up to date and leading edge. These are not the same old boring clothing line we are used to. The official Gear of Leland and Duane L Chapman. Unlike American Chopper, DTBH refuses to even mention what their sons are up to. Honesty vrs coverup ? It makes us wonder.

Dogsupporter will fully cover the Chapbros and DTBH and will not post any stories on their stepmother, whom we suspect is too busy counting her pairs shoes in order to catch up to Imelda Marcos on the greed scale. How can one be proud of flaunting their tacky wealth ? Merry Christmas ?

Merry Christmas

4 thoughts on “Chapbros

  1. The truth sucks right. Any behaviour is permissible in your logic. Sorry, not in ours.

  2. To BJW: So she can be as rude as she wants to Dog’s kids as long as she makes Dog happy? Some logic.

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