Rumors Round N About Hawaii

We have no proof either way. We simply are repeating what is on the streets of Honolulu. We list the pros and cons of each argument.

Gossip item One.

#1 Leland Chapman is leaving the show.

This is a common rumor.
Leland has not been seen near the offices in a month.
He tweeted that “Looks like all my hard work is starting to payoff. My goals and dreams are becoming more and more a reality”
No Tweets about hunting or work
He is home on the big Island mostly.
May be selling his shirts from the show
Beth Chapman stating on Twitter that she is having a difficult
time with older kids who know it all
Locals say Chapman’s are rarely seen together
without cameras.

Has not tweeted about leaving show
Beth or Dog has not mentioned anyone leaving
Who would catch the felons ?
Who has his speed.
Leland and Duane Lee do most of the physical
Who would back up Dog ?
Huge fan draw. We see a quick death without
Why would A&E let him go ?

To be continued :

The sun is out. Here we come Waikiki Beach

Next Up.

Rumors on Twitter that Beth is Pregnant

Sunday’s Special Feature

Sunday, a full page of rumors flying around Hawaii. Pro and Con’s of each one.

Two features will be

A: Is Beth expecting ? ( Bad Mornings ) ? (Doubtful)

B: Is Leland leaving the show ? ( Tweeted about dreams coming true)

Note from the Chapman’s media rep.

“UPDATE, 1/15/10: According to Dog’s Honolulu-based publicist, mid-January filming has been postposed. A rescheduled production date has not been announced.”


Update: Douglas and myself contemplated ending the blog over to another
person. Our vacation has reenergized our feelings and we will continue. We leave
Tuesday for three days on the Big Island.

Aloha from wet downtown Honolulu

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