Rumors Floating Around DOG Chapman

We have seen a few rumors floating around.

1) Dog and Beth’s house burned down this week.

False. No reports and the office knew nothing about this story.

2) Leland Is leaving the show.

Beth herself denied it last month on Twitter. We estimate that Leland draws as much viewership as almost
Dog himself. Simply put. If Leland left, there would be a mass exodus of viewers. We would suggest
a spinoff show with the kids. No Leland = No Show

3) Beth And Dog are divorced

False. We think there is something to all the rumors however. DOG was not home for New Years

4) The Chapmans now live in Colorado.

False. According to their office, they all still live in Hawaii. The family Twitter accounts back
this up. There are more fugitives in Colorado due to population

5) Why are only Beth and Dog on talkshows while American Chopper used to feature the kids also.

We have no idea. We see this as a multi-star show. Someone else does not

6) Beth hates Chapbros

We have seen her Tweet. We are told it meant that Chapbros is separate from DOG. We will keep
an eye on this. We all witnessed Bobby Brown’s clothing line on the show. Why is this not separate ? This is
beyond hypocritical. What happened to family first Miss Beth Smith ?

7) Beth’s Tweets

Missed my workout life is hard for me today ! 9:53 AM Jan 12th from Tweetie

Paparazzi up early ??? What are they gonna do follow me up the mountain good luck 8:10 AM Jan 10th from Tweetie (Editor’s note Papparazzi in Honolulu, there must be some dirt coming)

@harleygold IT IS NEVER ME ACTIONS HAVE REACTIONS ! 10:52 AM Jan 10th from Tweetie
(Editors note) Citizens in Hawaii tell us quite a different story. Has she never watched herself on TV ?


4 thoughts on “Rumors Floating Around DOG Chapman

  1. Hey I just saw this. Did you see Leland’s twitter post today? He comments about his hard work paying off and his dreams coming true. Very cryptic, but also makes you wonder with the rumor above of him leaving the show.

    Despite with Beth wants – wouldn’t this be good for him?

  2. I think has more to do with his boxing… I’ve heard there is a lot going on with that right now and his gym is doing very well and is attracting a lot of up and coming boxers.

  3. The boxing has been going on for a few years and was noted on the official site, unlike the Chapbros. We believe
    the show will not see it’s last season because of behavior problems

  4. I’d just like to thank you Janice and your team for all your hard work I am a huge fan of the Chapman’s and i agree it would be a real shame if Leland left he should start his own spin off i bet it would get the same sized viewership as DTBH if not better. I think the only problem with DTBH is Beth she not popular anymore

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