What Is The Story On Bobby Brown ?

We have watched Bobby’s Facebook page for months. If you want to witness a lot of babbling, promises of cases he will solve, cold cases, fraud cases, etc, this is the place to go. We have looked for results from past babbles, but none of come up in court. It is quite odd and sometimes rather incoherent. We do not feel he brings anything much to the show except extra jumps for the posse and a bad tan. He brings back memories of someone that tried to sell my husband and I Time-Shares.

Bobby seems to border on offensive postings at times. This was posted on his Facebook page this week. \

“This is just a tease. I have some FACTUAL date that I have been working on for YOURS. I mean YEARS…same thing (editors note… not at all the same, but anyway_) Some should practice what they preach. I am certainly not perfect and I am a sinner, however, I will remind you that TED HAGGARD admits his has struggled through his life as a HOMOSEXUAL ( EDITORs note. That is offensive Bobby, it is not a crime) ….he is a CONFESSED LIAR , abuser of drugs……”

It rambles on but we will not torture readers with any more. His capitalization of homosexual has insulted a lot of readers.

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