Chapman Family Spilt Confirmed By Bobby Brown

OLD Bobby Brown is at it again. He has confirmed the Chapman family fight on Facebook. He writes his loyalty remains with Beth and Dog instead of the boys. This confirms that the family is split on Leland and Duane Lee and Chapbros. How will the boys ever get by without a link on his tacky website ?

No surprise that Bobby supports the people that have given him a small taste of fame.


Bobby Brown I must tell you all that continue to ask me why I appear to not allow Durane Lee and Leland on my website. Please understand that I love and have the tremendous resepect for LELAND and DUANE LEE. I only ask that everyone realize that the only reason any of us are recognized is because of the reality show: DOG THE BOUNT…Y HUNTER. My loyalty will remain with DOG and BETH. God bless,

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