8 thoughts on “Dog, Beth And Friend In Vegas

  1. wow.. really? thats all i’m going to say. All the drama going on in their show and family and they are partying it up like they are in their twenties with carrot top? really? love their priorities.. and once again, Beth looks so classy.

  2. That friend looks to be like Carrot Top….geez, you didn’t know that….and I just noticed it says carrot top on his hat!

  3. Now that’s an unretouched photo of Beth…..that’s what she really looks like without the photo being retouched….

  4. She could be the biggest bitch on earth, but she is in no way ugly…all people who say she’s ugly or anything to that matter REALLY needs some self-esteem because that’s called jealousy.:)

  5. Not ugly? In what way is being a huge bitch (and proud of it) not ugly? I don’t care if you are a super model, if you treat others (especially FAMILY) poorly, you are UGLY!

    BTW, she definitely forgot to wear her Spanx that night!

  6. Why, Dog? Why???? How anyone can have sex with that woman is beyond me. Now Baby Lyssa on the other hand….hot, sexy, funny, and a tough cookie…she’s my dream woman!

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