4 thoughts on “Dog and Beth Photo From Las Vegas

  1. I am sure they were just there to hold a prayer circle in Sin City, or was there some type of Christian gathering in Vegas that night? Nice to see them spreadig the word.

  2. Are you sure she isn’t pregnant?? She sure looks like it in that photo. No bra either? Classy as usual.

    Speaking of rumors….has anyone heard if it’s true that Leland is leaving the show???? Say it ain’t so!!! 😦

  3. Beth is not pregnant….she has said on Twitter that she wears corsets – probably doesn’t have one on here…Because of the material of the outfit she has on – it can be unforgiving, unlike jeans that suck you in. Beth is probably like many woman – she needs to always wear a bra and better undergarments that make her figure more flattering when wearing unforgiving styles and fabrics but then again – they are on vacation- to each his own

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