Dog Chapman’s Sons Back In the Saddle

Dog Chapman’s Sons — Back in the Saddle
Posted Feb 12th 2010 12:20AM by TMZ Staff
Duane “Dog” Chapman’s two sons just dodged a bullet … they will not get fired from “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”
As we first reported, Duane Lee and Leland were about to get the boot from the show’s production company because they were no longer working for the family business, Da Kine Bail Bonds. On Tuesday, they were given a 48-hour ultimatum to either come back to work … or else it’s endsville for them on the TV show.

We’re told da boys finally sat down with Dog and Beth Wednesday night — and after a marathon angst-filled session, they reemerged as Da Kine Bail Bonds employees.

So the boys are back … criminals beware

Breaking News. Leland And Duane Lee Are Back :)

We have confirmed through multiple sources the two son’s of Dog Chapman are back at work with their daddy, with Beth, Lyssa and perhaps Tim Chapman. We cannot confirm Tim yet.

We are glad the crisis is over. We will continue full coverage of the Chapmans as time rolls along. We are very pleased that the crisis has passed.

Janice and Douglas

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From TMZ. Dog Chapman’s Show Is On The Firing Line

Dog Chapman’s Show Is On the Firing Line

Posted Feb 10th 2010 3:25PM by TMZ Staff

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s two sons are 24 hours from being fired on “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

Dog Chapman’s Show Is On the Firing Line

Sources tell TMZ the sons — Duane Lee and Leland — claim Beth Chapman recently fired them from the family business — Da Kine Bail Bonds — because she was enraged that the boys started a side-business — an apparel company called CHAPBROS.

But the company that produces Dog’s show sees it very differently. Our sources say the production company claims the two boys quit the bail bond business and cut all ties with their family. The production company’s lawyers fired off a letter yesterday to the two boys — they have 48 hours to come back into the fold … or they’re fired from the show.

It’s like a grown-up version of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Editors Note: If Beth thinks this will be their version of that, she is mistaken. The sons are not viewed
in a negative way unlike Jon. A foolish foolish ploy

From Perez Hilton. Chapman’s Sons Off Dog The Bounty Hunter!!

Nothing like some good old family feuding!!

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s sons have left the family business and the reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter!!

There are some conflicting reports, however, on what exactly went down.

The production company claims that the boy, Duane Lee and Leland, quit the business and have cut ties with their bounty hunting folks, and they have 48 hours to return to the show or they’ll be fired.

HOWEVER, another source claims that mom Beth Chapman kicked her kids to the curb because she was seriously peeved that they had started a side business, the apparel company CHAPBROS.

Guess when you work in the bail bond business you have no time to be a supportive mother!!

What do U think happened? Will U be disappointed to see them off the show??