Dog The Bounty Hunter Bitten By Court Decision

Dog The Bounty Hunter Bitten By Court Decision

A&E forced to defend failure to pay co-creator of hit television reality show

Duane Chapman, more popularly known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, has failed in his attempts to spring his television network from facing legal responsibility for paying Dog’s former production partner, Boris Krutonog. A&E is now forced to justify its failure to pay the co-executive producer and co-creator of Dog The Bounty Hunter several million dollars in fees.

Dog sought to deprive Mr. Krutonog of his ability to pursue A&E for those fees by filing an action before the California Labor Commission, a strategy that has now failed. Although Dog obtained a preliminary injunction stopping Mr. Krutonog from seeking production fees A&E owed him, the California Court of Appeal has now ruled that the injunction was improperly granted, forcing A&E to justify its withholding of those fees.

Not only will Dog be forced to pay Mr. Krutonog’s attorneys fees, but A&E will no longer be forced to succumb to pressure from the star of its hit reality show to stop paying producer fees to one of the people most responsible for Dog’s success.

2 thoughts on “Dog The Bounty Hunter Bitten By Court Decision

  1. Yeah, seems like even though they make a lot of money, they don’t know how to handle all of it. Hope the kids are smarter with their money.

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