Posted by Beth Smith on her Twitter acco…

Posted by Beth Smith on her Twitter account

I had the bail bonds lines last night They drove me nuts I can not belive were still putting people in jail for traffic Tickets

Editor’s Note.: Travis and Duane Lee Chapman used to do this job. I suspect this is more evidence
both men were allegedly fired in a house cleaning. We do not expect to see either on the show again.

6 thoughts on “Posted by Beth Smith on her Twitter acco…

  1. So strange really…well, not Beth’s behavior…just don’t get what the “split” may be about….a dsyfunctional though enjoyable to watch family….to say the least.

  2. Hmmm….personally, I don’t get why this is an issue; would not be for me…suppose someone else does not feel the same. Wonder why Duane(Dog) allows this behavior….or is still playing “naive”?

  3. i’ve been reading janice good job on investigating… thank you for filling us in… my heart is broken… i know the boys will be fine in the long run its just sad too see them go if this is how its going too turn!
    this show will never be the same.. you know i watch now but i watch differently now.. i cringe when i see beth….

    ok thats all im going too say… but again janice and doug thank you!

  4. Yeah. Well done on finding stuff out for us die hard fans. I also cringe whenever I see or hear Beth on tv. She should leave the show NOT the guys. Cannot figure out why she would have anything against Chapbros? Doesn’t she always say they are “her sons”? I mean we all know she isn’t their real mom but come on, have support for the guys that protect you and their dad on the bounties. She is greedy and delusional. Dog all of a sudden seems to want to change his name to Duane Smith not Duane Chapman. So sad, man, so sad.

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