Oldie But A Goodie

Are the pubic figures who hate drama ever the cause of it ?

Beth Smith is Duane Chapman’s (aka: Dog The Bounty Hunter) 5th wife and a former bad girl who’s now gone straight. The pair of them run a bail bonds service in Hawaii and of course have their reality show that they almost lost over Dog getting secretly taped by his son using the “N” word over and over. Now she’s getting feisty in the recent issue of The National Enquirer and calling another reality wife, Linda Hogan a drinker and a slut.

“I know she [Linda] told Terry she was gonna fix his ass,” Beth wrote in the “Dog” chat room, “but it looks to me like he looks like an angel and she looks like a slut.”

Beth also explained that her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, and the Hulk are close pals who talk on the phone three times a week – and the two couples were once close.

“I used to really like Linda, but then we started to get to know her and she is a real drinker,” Beth… wrote on the web site.

Dog and Hulk Hogan are friends? Really? I didn’t see that one coming. Anyway, Beth is sure a name-caller give that she’s always trying to wear super chest-revealing shirts all the time. I mean, do you really need to draw more attention to those things?

Credit: http://www.popscribe.com/2008/08/16/dog-the-bounty-hunters-wife-calls-linda-hogan-bad-things/

2 thoughts on “Oldie But A Goodie

  1. Yeah, those things need to be strapped down more often. Perky is good, down by the elbows is bad. Again, who is she to judge anyone? Every relationship is different. Why the need to bash another woman in the spotlight? She of all people should understand how cruel people can be to celebrities. Shame on her for waving fingers when she isn’t the poster child for the perfect woman either.

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