Further Posted Today By Beth Smith

Hard day …. Just done filming at the house headed to work ! Here we Go about 3 hours ago from Tweetie

Referring to a message about Leland and Duane Lee.

@Xandman08 ohhh is that where they are about 3 hours ago from Tweetie

Editors Note: We are investigating reports. If factual, this will be the final nail in the coffin for Dog The Bounty Hunter on A&E. We are sure Egos are large enough that believe Leland and Duane Lee do not matter. Beth Smith will not do the honorable action and let the fans know the reality. SHAME BETH SMITH Chapman

6 thoughts on “Further Posted Today By Beth Smith

  1. Oh sorry!! yes, that is the dialogue that I was just referring to. Didnt see this entry yet.

    I think that alot of egos were getting inflated. It is just my opinion but I think Duane Lee’s ego really needed to be put in check. After seeing some of the things that he has posted, they just seem so “braggy” and “look at me, I am a legend in MY own mind” type of things. He posted one picture of himself looking out at the ocean and the caption was “keeping America safe!” Really, dude?!?! Get over yourself!!! Leland seems cool. A tweet every so often. But either way, if it is greed on anyones part, it is so sad that greed is once again tearing a family apart.

  2. hey hippie when duane lee posted that pic up it was a joke “Too keep America safe”… he was only being his funny self.. sorry you thought he took it has bragging. Duane Lee always jokes around under his pictures if you see in the past..

    thanks for hearing me out!

  3. First of all, if you had a sense of humor, you would get the Duane Lee was joking with that caption. He is a very funny guy which is why us fans love him on the show. The only egos we ever see on the show is a certain someone (who resembles Miss Piggy) who shows her hundreds of shoes on the show as a way to be all “look at me!!!” since she really has nothing else to contribute besides her poor attitude and constant bitching. My cuz lives on Oahu and Beth is 86ed out of some stores there because of the horrible way she treats people. That woman has burned so many bridges and made so many enemies, you would think she would be nice to her own family. Then again, Leland Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa aren’t really her kids so maybe that’s why she’s so unfair and unloving towards them.

  4. For real. If anyone needs to get their ego in check it’s that Beth SMITH chapman. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…how the HELL is this woman in charge of the CHAPMAN family????? Dog needs to get her back under control like in the good old days when she would actually shut up once in awhile. She is out of control and the family is obviously falling apart because of her greedy fat ass. Karma is a bitch and she will gets hers in the end.

  5. Sad that anyone would think of Duane Lee in a negative light. Not once has he ever shown us that he is anything but brave, funny, a team player, and entertaining. Beth on the other hand is apparently heavily edited to appear tolerable yet she still comes of as a major bitch who is super fake. Hippie66 needs to watch the show more often because it is crystal clear who has the ego in this family.

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